Exploring East Tokyo

Hello, today I will describe a one day itinerary of exciting things to do in Tokyo!

Tsukiji Morning Fish Market

If you’ve come to Japan for one thing, it’s the mouth-watering-till-you-die-of-dehydration food here. Japanese cuisine is a tourist attraction on its own, with its main and most well-known type of cuisine being seafood. While researching and filling up your bucket list of things to do in Japan, you must have already come across the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest wholesale fish and seafood market on the planet.


Tsukiji fish market


The market is most famous for its morning tuna auction, which only admits 120 tourists per day into the auctioning area to watch as fishermen yell out at the top of their lungs to business men yelling back in prices bidding over the giant pieces of dead fish.

Tsukiji tuna auction


If you don’t feel like getting up before the sun to stuff yourself into a great big freezing room echoing in uncomprehensible Japanese, the shops and restaurants in the market are opened all morning for you to enjoy a fresh fish/seafood breakfast.

All the ingredients used here are caught on the same day so it’ll probably be the freshest fish you’ve ever had or will ever have!

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Tuna donburi

Asakusa (Sky Tree)


Asakusa is home to one of the oldest and most signature sights of Tokyo, the Sensoji Temple. A lot of people confuse the Sensoji Temple with the Asakusa Shrine, and while they are practically right beside one another, they are still different buildings with completely different histories.

Many people also confuse the Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate) with the Asakusa shrine, and although the gate is simply the entrance to the main Sensoji Temple, it is still a symbolic feature of the Asakusa area.


Nakamise shopping street


Beyond the Kaminari Gate lies the Nakamise Shopping Street which stretches between the gate and the main Sensoji Temple.

Here you can find some authentic Japanese street foods, souvenir shops, and traditional Japanese items such as fans and ink brushes. Perpendicularly along the Nakamise Shopping Street is the Shin-Nakamise, or “New Nakamise” Shopping Street, a covered shopping street and is filled with similar shops as its “older” counterpart.


Tokyo skyline

A few steps away from this historically preserved area stands the newest and tallest structure in the country, the Tokyo Skytree. Built in 2008, the Skytree has become the new symbol of modern Tokyo, reaching a height of 634 meters and taking the title of the tallest tower in the world.

On a good, clear sunny day, you can enjoy a full view of the Metropolitan city of Tokyo with Mt.Fuji proudly in the background. This is only doable from the Skytree as it is located on the outer corner of Tokyo.






Though Shinjuku might be the business center of Tokyo by day, by night it sheds its formal business attire and transforms into the biggest red light district in all of Japan.

Just a few steps away from the East exit of the Shinjuku station, the Kabuki-cho is jam packed with every kind of adult content shop you could ever think of and practically operates from dusk till dawn.




Among this R-rated area also lies the Robot Restaurant, one of the most popular night shows for foreign visitors to Japan.

The show miraculously combines a bit of traditional Japanese culture with crazy modern entertainment to create a fun, flashy, “Japanese” night show. Tickets need to be reserved ahead of time and at our tourist information center, we offer a special discounted price that comes with a free drink (6,800 JPY with drink, 6,500 JPY without drink)~

Click —> Robot restaurant 

Although it’s called a Robot Restaurant, we do recommend eating before or after going as the food served there is quite pricey and not very satisfying. This is one of those things that you might only want to do once in your life, but also something that you absolutely must try at least once in your life! Besides, where else in the world can you say that you went to see a robot dancing show?

I hope you enjoy this one day itinerary! See you next time~

Written by Annie





2 thoughts on “Exploring East Tokyo

  1. When I saw “East Tokyo” in the title, I thought you would be talking about Koto-ku, Sumida-ku, etc. Didn’t expect Shinjuku in there as I thought Shinjuku was in the west side of Tokyo. Then again I realized Tokyo is a big place and east/west is relative depending on your point of reference. 🙂

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