TIC Nagoya Opened!

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Nagoya is the largest city in Chubu region and the 4th most populated city in Japan. It’s also the capital of Aichi prefecture. As a travel destination, Nagoya positioned itself both as hi-tech industrial city and also as historical town.

Do you know that Toyota city really exists? Yep, the same Toyota that produces Toyota cars! So we could actually say Nagoya is a capital city of car manufacturing in Japan.

For many people, Tokyo would be the first destination for their first visits to Japan. After that, surely they would want to explore other regions in Japan.

I myself have been to Nagoya many times and thoroughly enjoy my stay. If you plan to visit Japan in the future, please note down Nagoya on your must-see city list.


– Must-see spots in Nagoya –


Nagoya Castle 


①Nagoya castle (Aichi).jpg
Famous for cherry blossom
Nagoya Castle (3).JPG
Night light up during Hanami period



Oasis 21 and Nagoya TV tower 


①Oasis21 (Aichi).jpg
Best spot for night scenery
Nagoya TV Tower _ Oasis 21 (3).jpg
Nagoya TV tower



Osu Kannon


①Osu kannon (Aichi).jpg
Osu Kannon, famous Buddhist temple and landmark of Nagoya
Osu shopping district (1).jpg
Osu Shopping district



SCMAGLEV and Railway Park


SCMAGLEV and Railway Park (2).jpg
Railway park
Operated by JR



Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology


Toyota museum
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (3).JPG
Toyota museum




After Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, we have opened the new TIC in Nagoya. Nagoya tourist information center is located on the 16th floor of Dai Nagoya building, just 1 min right in front of Nagoya station.

Dai Nagoya BLDG >> MAP




Our Services

Tour/hotel/restaurant reservation

Luggage storage 500 yen/day

Pocket wifi rental

  • 1Day – 700 Yen
  • 3Days– 2,000 Yen
  • 5days – 3,000 Yen
  • 1Week – 4,000 Yen
  • 2Weeks – 8,000 Yen

Car rental service from 5,400 yen

Airport bus tickets 1,200 yen

And many more…


Special Opening campaign


  1. Take a picture at TIC Nagoya and upload on facebook/instagram and get a free Maneki-neko (lucky charm cat) strap





2. Free Hello Kitty gift for every purchase over 500 yen







Contact us at info-nagoya@his-world.com

Website : http://his-nagoya.com/





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