Hitachi Sea side park

Hitachi Seaside Park is a treat for everyone who would like to spend some time in a magical flowery environment. It is in Ibaraki prefecture, 2 hours drive from Tokyo. If you don’t mind a little bit of walking, you can travel by train as well. (nearest station to park is Ajigaura station – 20 min walk to south entrance).

So, when is the best season to visit it?

It really depends on what you want to see.

The park offers magnificent views throughout the year with different blooming beauties in each season. To celebrate these beautiful flowers, Hitachi Seaside Park offers 4 signature events.

  1. Suisen Fantasy – Late march to Mid April


Spring in Hitach Seaside Park is starts with Suisen fantasy. Millions of daffodils bloom under the shade of pine trees fill the environment with their sweet scent. There are 600 species of daffodils bloom across a hectare of a land giving a real treat for every eye.




  1. Tulip World –  Mid to Late April


Just after the Suisen fantasy, park starts to glow in bright colors of tulips. There are 220 varieties and 280,000 individual plants to paint the park in there brilliant hues.




  1. Nemophila Harmony – Late April to Mid May


With the End of Tulip world it begins the season of fairy blue nemophilas. 4.5million nemophilas across a land of 3.5 hectares get well with the sky to create magical scenery of 2 shades of blue.




  1. Kochia Carnival – Late September to Mid October


Summer Cypress starts to change their color from Green to Crimson in late September. At the same time white, pink and red cosmoses bloom, complimenting the already colorful park with their tiny pastel color heads. Hitachi seaside park is in its full swing for autumn.




If you travel in any other season, still there are plenty of flower fields waiting to greet you with their beauty.

Rapeseed (Early January to Mid March), Poppy (May to early July), Rose (late May to early June), Lavender (Early to Mid July), Sukashiyuri Lily (Early July to Early August), Zinnia (Late July to mid September)Pampas grass (early September to Early October) & Hamagiku-nippon daisy (Early to Late October).


Park hours and Holidays

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 09:30 -17:00  (March 1 – July 20, September 1 – October 31)

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 09:30 -18:00  (July 21 – August 31)

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 09:30 –16:30  (November 1 – End of February)


Park is closed on Mondays, except as below

Closed on Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday.

Closed on Dec 31-Jan 1 and 4 consecutive days from 1st Tuesday of February.

Park is open every day in following seasons

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 Spring   : March 26 – May 31

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 Summer     : July 21 – August 31

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 Fall         : October 1 – 31


Entrance fees

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 Adults (15 years and over)        : ¥410

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 Seniors (65 years and over)     : ¥210

Flower-Icon-CMYK-01 Children (7-14 years)               : ¥80

(Group discounts available for groups over 20 visitors)
Entrance fees as per 23rd of May, 2016. Prices may change without prior notification.

Enjoy your time in Japan!





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