Top 15 Things to do in Tokyo

Today, I will talk about 15 things and activities you can enjoy in Tokyo. Even if you have visited Tokyo multiple times already, you may still find something new and interesting. This is not a ranking but a list. Every item is equally fun!

Let’s start the countdown.

  1. Join a Japanese cooking class

   Sushi, ramen, tempura… in Japan there are so many great kinds of food to try. The delicate presentation and fresh taste of Japanese food always surprises me and stimulates my appetite mmm mmm~

Cooking classes have become a popular cultural activity. Cook your own cow bone ramen, or roll your own sushi… It will be fun and tasty!

Broiling the pork
The completed dish!



Having fun assembling the ramen

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  1.  Become a Samurai in Asakusa

   Join the Samurai Training Tokyo experience to fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a Ninja / Samurai hi yah! You can put on a real samurai costume with the equipment included and learn how to use a katana (Japanese sword) properly. There is also a photoshoot session where you can wear the samurai outfit or a beautiful kimono and get your pictures taken. Sharpen your spirit and be ready to master some samurai techniques.



Picture provided by: SAMURAI TRAINING TOKYO

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  1. Ride with Cosplay Go-kart

Crazy costume, crazy Go-Kart! Definitely one of the most unique and fun activities to participate in. Just remember that you have to get your international driver’s license before coming to Japan. Dress up as your favorite character and mushroom power up! You can drive around in the streets of Tokyo where you will also be able to enjoy famous views such as Tokyo Tower, Odaiba, Shibuya Crossing and more.


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  1. Sing & dance along at a J-pop idol concert


If you are a fan of J-pop and idol culture, you definitely do not want to miss this!

The stage is located right in front of the JR station in Harajuku. Meet real Japanese idol groups, and enjoy a 2 hour concert of J-pop and energetic performances. There are four teen J-pop groups- Haraeki Stage A, Fuwa Fuwa, Pink Diamond and Harajuku Otome. They will bring you to heaven on earth, and make your Japan trip unforgettable. At this premium concert stage, you can enjoy super close up performances and interact with Japanese pop stars.

Even if you are not a J-pop lover, come to celebrate a fun crazy night with us!



*pictures provided by: RISING Production-Harajuku Estage

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  1. Enjoy a Sumo Demonstration

You may have watched a sumo tournament match before, but how would you like to be able to closely interact with professional sumo wrestlers? Try joining a sumo morning training demonstration at a private sumo training room. The cool part about this is that you are able to take pictures with the wrestlers! There is also a lunch option, where you can enjoy Japanese chanko hotpot directly made by the sumo wrestlers.



*pictures provided by: Sumo Dot Com

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  1. Stroll around in Kimono or Yukata

This is not something new, but I do recommend everyone who is going to visit Japan to try it out at least once! The modern metropolitan setting of Tokyo adds an edgy feeling to the Japanese traditional wardobe. You can find kimono rental shops very easily in Tokyo, especially in Asakusa, Ginza, and Harajuku.


*picture provided by: Yumenoya

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  1. Visit a cute animal cafe

 You might know about cat cafes, but did you know that there are also owl, bunny, snake, hedgehog cafes and more! Healing up at a cute animal cafe should definitely be on the top of everyone’s to do list. My personal favorite is absolutely the snake cafe! I used to be very scared of snakes, but my snake cafe experience completely changed my mindset. They can actually be very friendly and cute. :3

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  1. Experience Tokyo from Observation Decks (Roppongi Hills and  Tokyo Skytree)

 Nothing can be more romantic than enjoying a panoramic view of the city at night. If you are traveling with your love, take him/her to Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Roppongi Hills or even the government building in Shinjuku. You can also enjoy a delicious meal while gazing out at the cityscape as most of the observation decks have restaurants. There is also a shopping center and other fun facilities such as an aquarium and special performances at Tokyo Skytree.


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  1. Challenge a real escape game in Asakusa

 Looking for something exciting? Or maybe a little thrilling but fun? An escape room is just the thing for you. This newly designed activity in Asakusa does not require any Japanese language skill to solve the puzzles. It is all about working together, thinking rationally and acting swiftly under pressure. You are a crime investigator who is in  pursuit of an infamous serial killer who has gone missing. You have to sneak into an old creepy manor where this suspected man is hiding. While you are solving the crime, you may find yourself being watched and chased by paranormal things. Let’s discover the horror and dark secrets hidden in this manor that may be more terrifying than the serial killer himself.

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  1. Relax at a park

Let’s take a break from all of the worries, rush hour, exhausting work and bring yourself to experience the peaceful nature that you will not believe you can find in the middle of the metropolis of Tokyo. Bathe in the warm sunlight and breath clean fresh air at famous spots in the city. Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen are a couple of the most well-known parks in Tokyo.   

Shinjuku Gyoen

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  1. Watch a baseball game

Watching a baseball game in Japan is definitely a unique experience. Baseball is one of the most popular sports and being in the crowd of hardcore fans can become one of your best memories. Japanese fans are super passionate yet organized. Sing along to the fan chants and little songs for each player. You will be sure to get caught up in the spirit and be screaming along with everyone else.


*picture provided by: Yakult Swallows Baseball Team

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  1. Refresh at a public bath

If you are a fan of onsen culture, you should also try a public bath facility! Heal your mind and body by taking a bath with different types of water. Many of them use healthy mineral water which is very good for your skin and health. In some public bath facilities, there are restaurants, massages and relaxing spaces for you to lay down comfortably and watch TV. Some of them also allow you to stay overnight and sleep there. If you are looking for a similar experience to a capsule hotel, public baths are definitely cheap and cozy.


*pictures provided by: Thermae-yu Shinjuku

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13. Makeover at a top Tokyo salon

 If you are in love with the delicate Japanese style and creative fashion like I am, you should definitely get a makeover here in Tokyo. Tokyo has always been one of the fashion capitals of the world. Here you can enjoy the best service and highest quality care. More and more top salons in Tokyo are offering multilingual menus and services in languages other than Japanese. Changing your hairstyle or just enjoying a hair treatment will be a great experience!

画像2 (1) (1)


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

*pictures provided by: Ridicule Salon

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  1. Enjoy a crossdresser cabaret

You do not need to go to Bangkok to enjoy a show like this. There are many transgender bars and performances  in Tokyo as well. Acrobatics, cabaret, geisha, comedy…there are so many genres for you to choose from. Most of these venues are also restaurants and bars, so you can enjoy a delicious meal or a drink while watching the performances.


*picture provided by: Black Swan Lake

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15. Themed Cafes

While traveling in Japan, you will definitely encounter many many themed cafes. Japanese people love cafes, especially if they are interesting cafes. Many of them are anime/ manga related and only open for a limited amount of time.


*picture provided by: Cafe Solare in Harajuku <Sesame Street theme May 1st – June 30th 2016>

Written by Meng Xu. Edited by Christine

I hope you like this list and get a chance to try them out. If you have your own list of top things to do in Tokyo, please share with us in the comments below! Let more people fall in love with Tokyo!
For more information about cultural experiences and activities in Japan, please visit our online activity reservation site – HISGO.

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