Fuji, flower and all-you-can-eat melon and peach!

Japanese culture is deeply rooted in its four seasons, and people are generally very aware of the seasonal flowers. The most famous is sakura in early spring, but did you know that you also have opportunities to see many kinds of flower throughout summer?

In this blog I will introduce two upcoming summer flower festivals.

Iris festival, all-you-can-eat melon and shopping at Ami Premium outlet (tour code: TYO0570)

Highlights: Iris festival, all-you-can-eat melon and sushi lunch included, shopping

Departure dates: Confirmed for June 7th (Tuesday) and June 12th (Sunday)


Iris festival:

iris flowers



Enjoy the beautiful fields of Irises and some fantastic photo taking opportunities. There are as many as 500 different types of blossom to see!


iris flowers
aren’t they pretty?

Hokota melon farm:

June to July is the peak of the melon season in Japan, so it is the perfect time to eat the delicious fruit. Melons from Ibaraki are famous through Japan for their juicy texture and sweet taste.

This tour includes all-you-can-eat melon so you will be able to fully enjoy the region’s popular fruit!


all-you-can-eat melon included



Fish market and sushi lunch

Being very close to a fishing port, Nakaminato is where you can get some extremely fresh fish and seafood.

The tour will make a visit to the fish market, before stopping at Yamasuisan sushi restaurant for all-you-can-eat conveyor belt sushi.

You can try many different kinds of sushi, from popular ones like tuna and salmon to the more exotic sea urchin and salmon roe.


kaiten sushi



Ami Premium Outlet shopping:

The final activity of this tour is shopping at Ami Premium Outlet. With 150 outlet stores of both Japanese and international brands, there is something for everyone!



Shopping at the premium outlet




Mt Fuji & Lavenders at Kawaguchiko Herb festival and peach picking (tour code : TYO0569)


Highlights: Visiting Mt Fuji 5th station, Fuji view hotel lunch, lavender festival, peach picking

Departure dates: Confirmed for July 2nd and July 9th (both Saturday).

 Lake Kawaguchi Lavender Festival:


The best of mt. fuji in summer


Depending on the weather, you can see Mt Fuji in the background of the lavender fields!

stunning view!
stunning view!


The intense purple of the lavenders can only be seen in early summer, and the beauty of Mt Fuji is a perfect backdrop for some beautiful photos.


when the weather’s nice you can see this



Mt Fuji 5th station:

The 5th station is an ideal place if you want to visit Mt Fuji, but are not ready to hike it. You can see beautiful views of both the mountain above and the countryside below.


Mt. Fuji 5th station



Buffet lunch:

Included is a delicious buffet-style lunch at Fuji View Hotel.

buffet at Fuji view hotel (image only)



Peach picking:

The final activity is picking and eating peaches fresh off the tree. Previous customers have come year after year to eat the juicy peaches in Yamanashi.


peach picking



This tour is not to be missed! It has been confirmed to run twice, on both July 2 and July 9 so make your booking quick.


Tour 1 Reservation here

Tour 2 Reservation here


or contact us as tic-tokyo@his-world.com





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