Becoming elegant kimono lady in Harajuku*

Harajuku is famous as an epicenter of pop culture and fashion in Japan. A trip to Harajuku is a perfect opportunity to dress up and take some cute pictures!

In previous articles, we have written about trying on traditional kimono in Asakusa and Ginza, but this time I will introduce some more cute and modern kimono, befitting of Harajuku. You can even take a little souvenir back home.


Dressing in Kimono harajuku style!


Last week, I had a chance to welcome 2 friends from Bangkok.

Since it was their first time visiting, they want to do something fun yet stimulating. They trusted me to help them plan the trip so I suggested some activities in Harajuku and visiting a museum in Shinjuku.

Now, what is Kawaii kimono and what is the different from traditional kimono?


Tokyo Kawaii musee


Kawaii kimono has colorful patterns and western-style. The accessories aren’t as traditional, but they are very cute and unique to Tokyo Kawaii Musée in Harajuku.

Of course you can style them traditionally with hair up, tabi socks and zōri sandals, but they can also be worn with sneakers or boots for a casual look.


hair ornaments
kimono patterns
purses and ribbons


If you remember, I’ve wrote a blog about dressing up as lolita before (if you haven’t read it, click here). Dressing up in kawaii kimono kinda give the same vibe.

My friends chose western style hairpieces for the occasion. Although these are both colorful and kawaii, they also offer a range of kimono including Gothic, punk and even more mature styles.


Choosing kimono
Now let’s get dressed


It took about an hour from choosing the kimono, obi and hair pieces to dress up and ready to walk out. Make up is not included in the plan but seems like my friends are very well prepared.

By the way, you can take home the kimono as souvenirs (just the gown, not the obi, sandals or any accessories). Most rental stores only offer rental service but here you can take home your kimono!! Isn’t that awesome??

Next was time to take a stroll around Harajuku!


Takeshita Street was bustling with shoppers
Walking down a slightly quieter side street
How did the photo turn out?


After walking around a bit, we were getting hungry for a snack so we decided to stop for some takoyaki at Gindaco. Although takoyaki are originally from Osaka, you can find it all across Japan.

Gindako is a Takoyaki chain restaurant with more than 300 restaurants spread across Japan. We could get a coupon from Harajuku TIC to get 50 yen off each serving.

Don’t forget to stop by at TIC to get the coupon booklet. You can use this coupon in many shops in Harajuku area.


So many flavors of takoyaki



For those not familiar, they are made out of balls of batter with some diced octopus in the middle.

They are usually served with Japanese-style barcecue sauce, dried fish flakes and nori, but Gindaco has a variety of flavors such as teriyaki and shrimp-mayo.


The menu is easy to understand even without speaking Japanese





Luckily we could secure seating quickly.

After eating, we went to Meiji shrine to take more photos with the kimono.



Snapping photos at Meiji Shrine


Meiji Shrine was the perfect place for a casual photoshoot


standing out in kimono!
the best weather possible for strolling around in harajuku



Many people ask if it’s comfortable to wear kimono. I have a mix feeling about it. The Obi is tightly wrapping about waist area to ensure everything won’t fall apart . In summer, it’s not very fun to wear kimono. Since today it wasn’t too hot (although very sunny), it was very nice to wear kimono and walk around.

At Meiji shrine



Once you rent the kimono, you can wear it all day if you like. However, as we have to join ramen experience in the afternoon, we decided to get changed to normal clothes.

All in all I think my friends really enjoyed it (well, they took over 300 photos). This activity is highly recommended for anyone who want to try wearing a kimono modern style.


Reservation : Contact us now at or online at our HISGO!

Sale period is over due to shop close.



Don’t forget to wear sunblock when you are outside especially sunny day like this!






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