Transforming to the samurai warrior!

For anyone who has watched a Japanese period drama or read a book about Japanese history, you have probably got an idea of how samurai lived or what they looked like.

But have you ever wanted to go past the surface and learn a little more?

Next on our agenda, I accompanied my friends to Samurai museum.


Samurai museum



Enter the Samurai Museum in Shinjuku!

Magnificent armor




We recently visited the Samurai Museum to refresh our knowledge of Japanese culture and history.

Catering to both Japanese and foreign tourists, each exhibit had detailed explanations in quite a few different languages.







Each armor had a multilingual caption to accompany it

The exhibits on the first floor were mostly armor, and the second floor had weapons and other items used by samurai.

Although the museum is quite small, we could learn a lot and the guides on each floor were very helpful.



The guide was very knowledgeable!



Although the explanations are detailed, it is easy to understand even without any prior knowledge.

Being non-Japanese without a background in Japanese culture/history, I was a little nervous that it would go right over my head, but the explanations here were interesting and educational.


Detailed explanation



After some time exploring the museum, we got to watch a sword performance by an expert.


Drawing the sword in an instant
Strong but graceful movements



We then got a chance to try holding the swords ourselves!


The expert was just as excited as we were
He kindly explained the correct way to stand and hold the sword
The swords were quite heavy



Posing with an empty suit of armor



The museum was really interesting, definitely worth a visit if you are making a trip to Tokyo.


The storefront



The location is in the entertainment district Kabukicho, which can be accessed from the East exit of Shinjuku station.

The standard cost is 1800 yen for an adult, but you can get a discount ticket by booking with hisgo here.

Alternatively, you can ask at any of our Tourist Information Centers in Tokyo.


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