Canoeing in the Heart of TOKYO

Sky Tree is undoubtedly one of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks. You can see Sky Tree from pretty much everywhere in Tokyo. But what if you don’t want to just look at it or go to  the top?

This is definitely an activity worth checking out!

Summer is approaching. It’s getting a lot warmer in Tokyo these days. Make sure to intake more fluids to stay hydrated. Summer is always associated with the hot sun, blue sky and blue water.

IDEAL Summer ?

Cr. Tokyo TIC

How Japanese spend their summer ?

– Enjoying firework shows along the bay side or river side (Hanabi-花火)
– Visiting the beach as this is the right time to play along the beach

Both mentioned above are always on the Summer Bucket List for most Japanese.  Can you notice what is the similarities in both ? They are all related to Water !!!

Summer is the time where the temperature goes up drastically, and to balance that up, Japanese tend to go someplace or do something that is COOOOOOLING !

That’s why, for domestic tours, Hokkaido and Okinawa are the HOTTEST spots to visit for most Japanese. Hokkaido for the breezy weather and Okinawa for the beautiful beaches which you could dive or do snorkeling activities in summer !

So, is there any similar activities in TOKYO?


Have you ever thought of doing some outdoor activities in the heart of TOKYO? Not really right ? Neither have I.

Recently I just found out that there is a place near Tokyo Skytree where you could ACTUALLY canoe  along the river bank of an park.

Therefore, me and my friends decided to give it a try !


Here we go ~~~



The course lasted for around one and half hours (including tutorials by the coach). As canoeing is an outdoor activity,  it’s wise to not skip the tutorial sessions.

Once we are done with the preparation, such as how to paddle an oar, how to wear the life saving jacket etc. etc. We are ready to get physical with our canoes !




Out of control?



Paddling looks easy during the tutorial, but definitely not on the river especially for newbies like us.

As you can see our boat was kinda ‘out of course’ ? Perhaps


Smooth and steady as she goes



Well, as the saying goes, ‘Failure Precedes Success’. After some trying and adjusting with my canoeing buddy, we somehow managed to straighten our direction by synchronizing our paddling.

What great team work !


2 Skytrees in One picture – PRICELESS !



Canoeing and cruising around the river bank,  we finally reached the point were we could take a look at the current topic of the town – TOKYO SKY TREE.

Unfortunately, the weather was kinda misty that day. So we could not really have a clear shot of Sky tree. But the river surface was so calm, acting as a mirror we could take a picture that contains two sky trees in it !

Now this is a picture where you only can shoot it when you are on the river !



Time flies way to fast and we were back to the starting point. Although its just an hour on the water, it was wonderful. Enjoy the scenery and at the same time doing some physical movement, that does define the word vacation, right ?

This activity is suitable for most ages. It is a fun and enjoyable activity, and trust me it will definitely burn away some calories after all the paddling with the oars. (Must know that water have strong resistance ya LOL )


 bus How to Access 

Nearest Station : 5 minutes walking distances from Komatsu-gawa exit (小松川出口)of Higashi – Ojima (東大島) Station, Toei Subway Shinjuku Line

Participating Fee : 5500yen / person
Please kindly email to for booking or any inquiries.

Click >>>> Activity Japan for more cool unique outdoor activities in Japan !




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