Immerse yourself into the world of Idol in Harajuku

The best place to meet Japanese Idols ? Some might think of Akihabara or Shibuya at first as there are so many Idol Cafes. Guess what! You missed one!      

Harajuku is known for Fashion and Sub-culture but it is also a  new venue for J-pop idol culture. If you are a big fan of Japanese Idols and want to interact or see them right next to the stage, you will not want to miss this!

Just a 1 minute walk from JR Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit, on the 6th floor of Ash Building,  you can enjoy non-stop Dancing, Singing and Fashion Show from 4 cute talented young girl groups for a continuous 2 hours.

JR Harajuku Sta. Takeshita Street Exit, 6th Floor of Ash Building (Orange Block) 

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Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there are always many people lining up on the street to join the show.


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In this VIP premium stage, the space between your seat and the main stage is extremely small. The private concert setting allows the viewers to interact with their favorite idols closely which makes an exciting atmosphere.


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 Not only singing and dancing, the fashion show is another unique point of this concert. In the middle of the performance, the idols will walk the stage like a real runway with all kinds of outfits from cute to edgy.



Now, let’s get to know more about each group!


Hara-Eki Stage A


A very energetic and sporty cheer leader like versatile group. Their sharp and intense dance moves will definitely blow your mind. They have sweet personalities but powerful dance performances. Be ready to get rocked by their popular single song “Rock Star”!





This is the main highlight and the rising stars of the show. The youngest group has the largest number of fans.  Their cuteness and brightness makes every audience fall into their charms.  They are absolutely the “Cuteness Overload” of J-pop.

Let us take a peek at their music video “Fuwa Fuwa Sugar Love”


Pink Diamond


Don’t let the look of these little girls fool you. Their performance is the strongest of them all. These 5 young girls are the veterans of this stage. Don’t be surprised if you see some of them doing somersaults on stage, because they can do it like a piece of cake!





Last but not least, my personal favorite-Harajuku-Otome.  “Otome” means “Young Ladies” in Japanese. These ladies of Harajuku represent the youth, charm, fashionista and beauty of Japan. Do not be tricked by their model-like appearance and sophisticated style. They are actually just as young as the other groups.




At this VIP show stage, you can interact with the idols face-to-face and hand-to-hand. However, please show respect and refrain from taking pictures and videos. Put away your camera and phone, and have a blast! If you are lucky enough,  you might get some surprise gifts from the idols!    




How to get a ticket?!

In order to join this party, you have to register and apply online in Japanese language first, and purchase a lottery ticket. Then you will have to wait to be luckily chosen to get a seat.


GOOD NEWS! At our H.I.S. Harajuku Tourist Information Center, we can help you get your tickets right away without all the complicated applications and lottery!!

  • Standard Day (When 1-3 groups are performing) 3,500 yen
  • Premium All Star Day (When all 4 groups are performing) 4,000 yen


If you are a big fan of J-pop and want to experience the most exciting part of Japan, do not hesitate. Book now on HISGO, or email

For more information, please visit their website (Japanese) Click>>>


See you all in Harajuku!      




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