Animal cafe in Tokyo : Get close up and personal with cute and unique creatures

Fancy  visiting the cute animal cafes?

 Tokyo has gained a worldwide reputation due to the large variety of animal cafes. If you are an animal lover, be sure to check out these cafes during your visit in Tokyo.

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“Harry” Hedgehog Cafe


Located in Roppongi, this is the cafe where you can get up close and personal with African pygmy hedgehogs.
What do they look like? Well, like all hedgehogs, they have a spiny coat and short legs. These tiny spiny coats can be dangerous if not handled properly. First you need to learn how to touch them and get them to warm up to you.
The cafe is located just a one minute walk from the nearest station.


Come play with us, we are waiting for you!! 



Access information

Subway Hibiya line Roppongi station (exit 3)
Opening hours : 12.00-21.00
Duration : 40 mins
Price :  Weekday 1500 yen
Weekend/national holiday 1800 yen
Entrance ticket and all you can drink soft drinks are included.

Reservation : Tokyo tourist information center >> Click


Bunny Cafe




Rabbit cafe is probably one of the most popular animal cafes in Tokyo. There are quite a few but today we will introduce Cafe Ra.a.g.f in Harajuku.




When you arrive, a shop assistant will lead you to your table where you can order drinks while listening to an explanation on how to play with the rabbits. Rabbit food is provided (mostly carrots but can differ depending on the day).


There are more than 20 types of rabbits in this cafe and they come in all sizes. You can freely pet the ones in the cages and can choose one bunny to let out and hop around the cafe. you can pet the ones in cages



Access information

Subway Chiyoda/Fukutoshin line Jingu mae station 5 mins walk
Opening hours: Weekdays 12.00-19.30
Weekends 11.00-20.00 NOT CLOSED ON WEEKENDS
Duration : 30 mins
Price : 950 yen with all you can drink soft drinks

Reservation : Tokyo tourist information center >> Click


Next on the list; Omotesando Snake Cafe



Sure you’ve heard of dog and cat cafes but how about snake cafe? Let us introduce you to Cafe & Snake in Omotesando!
A snake cafe is arguably one of the most unique animal cafes in the world (in our opinion at least). Not to worry, these snakes are not poisonous and very friendly(?)!


The cafe area is divided into 2 zones;
1. food and drink zone
2. play zone




When you enter the cafe, you can choose a snake in a cage to keep you company at your table. In the play zone, you will be able to actually touch and hold a snake. 
Caution : This cafe is probably not good for people with Ophidiophobia!


Access information

Location : Chiyoda/Fukutoshin line Jingu mae station 3 mins walk
Opening hours : 11.00-19.00
Duration : 1 hour
Price : 1500 yen with all you can drink soft drink and a gift

Reservation : Tokyo tourist information center >> Click



Cat Cafe MoCHA



Did you know that, in Japan, the number of cats is surpassing number of dogs as pets? Cats are easier to keep because they don’t require much space, and no walking necessary!


For those who can’t keep a pet, visiting pet cafes is one option. Whenever you want to hang out with kitties, you can come to the cafe. No need to care for them. This is the reason why cat cafes are becoming very popular.




This cafe hosts many cats both long and short hair (all very soft regardless). Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while playing with cats, you wouldn’t want to say goodbye. 


Access information

Location : Harajuku、Shibuya, Ikebukuro
Opening hours : 10.00-20.00
Duration : 1 hour
Price : 2000 yen entrance fee and soft drink included

Reservation : Tokyo tourist information center >> Click


Owl cafe




Fukuro no sato is a small cafe located right in front of Harajuku station. It’s so popular that you will absolutely need a reservation if you want to visit.
In case of a full house, no visitors will be accepted. This is for the well-being of the owls so it won’t stress them out too much. Rules are clearly written in both English and Japanese. 




You can touch and play with the owls while enjoying your drink. The one hour goes like this, petting, looking, holding and taking photos. 
Remember if you want to hold one on your arm, keep your elbow bent at 90 degrees otherwise the owl might fly away. Also, watch out for the poop! Like other birds, owls digest food very quickly.
Honestly it’s like a dream come true for a Harry Potter fan like me.




Access information

Location : 30 second walk from Harajuku station
Opening hours : 10.00-19.00
Duration: 1 hour
Price : 1500 yen with one soft drink and a free gift!

Reservation : Tokyo tourist information center >> Click


For those in Osaka/Kyoto and wonder if there is any owl cafe in the area, Owl family cafe is our recommend. 1200 yen/person + one drink and photo shoot! Contact for more information.

Have you been to any animal cafe? If you haven’t, which animal cafe would you like to visit the most?

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Please sanitize your hands before touching the animal!





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