Exploring the Mysterious Natural World

Have you heard of caving? For those who don’t know, caving is a sport where you explore untouched nature using helmets and headlights.

You might have not thought about doing it in Japan, but here I will introduce a place where you can see some of the most interesting caves.

Last week we wrote about some unbeaten track in Oita, Kyushu. If you haven’t read it, be sure to check it out!

Off the beaten track, summer trip to Oita 




Although it hasn’t been discovered by foreign tourists yet, Okinoerabu island (Okinoerabujima) is the most popular caving destination in Japan.

Even though caves have an image of being dark and cramped, Okinoerabu has wide, open chambers. Its beauty really is top level! As there is an lot of water inside, it is sometimes called “shower caving”.


There are somewhere between 200 and 300 large limestone caves underground in Okinoerabu island.

These beautiful, jewel-like stalactites take tens of years to grow even one centimeter. As they quickly deteriorate if removed from the cave they can only be seen by visiting the cave yourself.



Drop by drop, the cave is formed.




There are several courses available to suit people from first timers to experienced cavers. Rimstone caves are recommended for beginners.



This structure, present on slanting areas inside the cave, is called a rimstone. When it collects water, it is called a rimstone pool.

Pictured here is a rimstone pool. The water inside the cave is surprisingly not cold, so you can even walk into these natural pools.


The hardest point of Ginsuido


The biggest cave in Okinoerabu island is Ginsuido, literally translated as “silver water cave”. It is overwhelmingly long and is considered to be an advanced course. It is standard to go with 2 guides.

Although the path through Ginsuido is rough, if you can make it through without falling into the water, there are beautiful views to see.

For any experienced cavers, this is the place to go!




Why not try caving as a change of pace, and get a taste of nature?


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Original content (Japanese)http://magazine.his-j.com/archives/4724



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