Night Cruise on Tokyo Bay

Summer in Tokyo is hot.

Very hot.

And humid.

So humid.

This weather makes me not want to do anything and just stay holed up in my room with both the air conditioner and fan turned on. However, summer is so full of festivals and events that it would be a waste to just stay home all day, every day.

One of those events is the Nouryousen cruise on Tokyo Bay. For just ¥2,600, you can partake in this two hour cruise which will take you around to see such sights as the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Skytree. The ticket also includes a drink plan which features all you can drink beer, cocktails and soft drinks. This is already a really good price but if you wear a yukata (a light, cotton kimono for summer wear) the price becomes ¥1,000 cheaper! (This deal is only for weekdays.)


night breeze cruising





On this cruise, you can view some famous sights of Tokyo while enjoying a cool drink and feeling the breeze in your hair. You also have the opportunity to mingle with the other guests and make new friends! There is music playing on the upper deck.





and more events on the bottom decks.






There is also food available for an extra charge.

The food consists of Japanese food, snacks and traditional Japanese festival fare such as takoyaki (fried balls of batter with octopus) and yakisoba (fried noodles).








There are some special drinks you can get for an extra charge.



Also special rooms you can reserve for large parties.




This is perfect if you are traveling with a lot of friends or family!

The views from the ship are really spectacular.











Many people come dressed in yukata making it a very summery and festive atmosphere.




However, if you are just visiting Japan, you probably don’t have a yukata of your own.

No worries! Our Ginza Core TIC has a special plan which includes a yukata! For ¥4,500 you can choose a yukata of your liking and the staff at the TIC will help you get dressed. You will then go to Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal and enjoy the cruise. Afterwards, you get to keep the yukata!





Wow, what a great deal! An all you can drink cruise and a yukata of your own! I think this will be a really wonderful way to make memories in Tokyo and you’ll have a yukata as a souvenir for the rest of your life.

Enjoy the sights, drink some beer, meet new people, dance and have fun. What better way to spend a summer night in Tokyo?



The nearest station to Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal is JR Hamamatsucho station or Daimon subway station.




Take Exit B2 towards the terminal.




Just follow the crowd of people dressed in yukata if you get lost 🙂




To reserve this tour, you can click on this link or contact any of our Tourist Information Centers.

Click here to reserve

Well, that’s it for today’s post. If you are currently in Tokyo, stay cool and keep hydrated!! If you are coming in the near future, prepare for the heat and bring sunscreen!





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