Airsoft battle – Survival Game in Tokyo

Last week, I got to try out airsoft for the first time at Asobiba in Odaiba.

In my country, laser tag and paintball are more popular, but in Japan airsoft dominates the “survival game” scene.

Airsoft involves using gun replicas to fight with your friends. These guns shoot tiny BB pellets.



all geared up!



The place we visited, Asobiba, is located in Odaiba which can be accessed from Tokyo Teleport station on the Rinkai line.


The path from platform to ticket gate

From the platform, follow the signs to Exit A.

Tokyo Teleport Station


Asobiba is located in the Venus Fort mall, which is a short walk from Tokyo Teleport station.

There will be an open, grassy area on the way to Venus Fort.



The way to Venus Fort mall is marked with lots of signs.


Just 3 mins walk
Venus fort



Asobiba is located on the third floor, called Venus Outlet.

Walk up to 3rd floor
Venus Outlet on the third floor



Asobiba is in the “Hobby Street” area in the middle of the floor.


Shop guide



Asobiba, right next to fountain plaza



Finally we made it! The storefront looks like this.


You’ve come to the right place


You can see some of the game area through the window




There were two fields to choose from. We went with the larger B field on the recommendation of the store manager.

The manager was fluent in English which made the process and safety briefing go smoothly.

I liked how the store decor fit with the theme of the game.




We then had to sign a waiver saying that it is our own responsibility if we are injured etc. They had both English and Japanese version available.


Signing the papers


Then, we got dressed up in army style clothing. This was not compulsory but it helps to get in the mood of the game. The clothing also helps protect your skin when you get hit by the pellets 😉


I think we look pretty cool there!


The shop attendant gave a safety briefing and explained how to use and refill the guns.


Cedric, store manager and our kind host today



We then moved on to the game area!


playing hide and seek?


The game area was designed so that there were lots of places to hide.


Basically you have to hide and make sure the other play doesn’t find you


We had to wear these scary looking safety masks to protect our faces.


Handing out counters for each time we get hit


The first few games we played as teams of 2 vs 2, then we did free for all.

I enjoyed free for all more with the small group we had, but I think a team game would be good for larger groups, like 4 vs 4.

**Price when reserved with us is for 6-8 people on weekday and 6-10 ppl on weekend (private). If you want to reserve just for 1-2 you might have to join other people.





Unlike paintball where everyone around can see when and where you got hit, airsoft operates on an honesty system where you yell “HIT!” every time you are hit by one of the other players.

Playing airsoft for the first time, I was surprised at how much the pellets hurt! I was grateful for the jacket and long pants, otherwise I’m sure I would’ve come out covered in bruises.


mission accomplished


After each game, we would count how many times each of us was hit. The person who got hit the least amount of times was the winner.


Refilling our guns between games





After finishing, we posed for some more photos.

The rule is that we have to wear masks when playing, but we removed them as the guns weren’t loaded.


my hiding spot



My experience playing airsoft at Asobiba was really enjoyable and something I want to try again! Next time I want to try the outdoor field



Be sure to check this our if you are in Odaiba


Location: Asobiba, Odaiba

8 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport station, Rinkai line.


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Reservation+inquiry :

  • hisgo online reservation Odaiba or Akihabara

  • manual via


That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more posts from us!!





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