Free rooftop garden and shopping in Tokyo, Kitte mall

In a previous blog I wrote about why I love shopping in Japan.

However there are so many department stores and malls in Tokyo alone, it can be hard to find where to start!

In today’s blog I will write about Kitte mall. Kitte has not only fashion, but a range of interesting stores from household goods to a combined bookstore and cafe. Compared to youth fashion centers like Shibuya 109, Kitte has a more mature, wearable aesthetic.


Central post office


There are a lot of train lines accessing Tokyo station. From JR lines, you should exit from “Marunouchi South Entrance”.

From here, it’s only a 1 minute walk.


Marunouchi south entrance
Mixture of the old and new
Central Post Office

The name “Kitte” has an interesting origin. The building was previously the premises of Tokyo Central Post Office.

The word “kitte- 切手” means postage stamp in Japanese. It also sounds similar to the word “kite – 来て”, which means “come in!”.

Therefore, the mall was named to honor its roots.


Kitte <MAP>


Upon entering the mall, it feels very open and modern. The skylights allow natural light to fill the main room.

There is a range of brands and shops in the mall, from internationally famous sneakers store Onitsuka Tiger to unique sock shop Tabio (there are even some designs that can only be found at Kitte!)


One of the most “Oshare” fashionable malls in the Marunouchi area


Nakagawa Masashichi stands out for its carefully crafted Japan-made household goods.

A lot of the things sold have a distinctly Japanese aesthetic or include Japanese icons such as Mt Fuji, so I think the things sold here would make great souvenirs.


Elevator to the upper level


There are also offices and meeting rooms in the building, and even a museum.

The museum, called Intermediatheque, was created as a collaboration between industry and academia. There are various fossils on display. This is a unique feature of Kitte, which you can’t find in usual fashion buildings.

The upper floors (5th-6th) of the mall have restaurants.

Nemuro Hanamaru sushi which we have introduced before in our blog is cheap and delicious so it is a popular choice.

Hanamaru is also a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Unlike other cheaper places, the sushi is made by chefs not by a sushi machine. >>  Nemuro Hanamaru sushi  <<


Museum on the 2nd floor


Cheap and quality sushi here!


However, there are also less well-known foods and regional cooking like Hakata Motsunabe (offal hotpot), Miyazaki Yakitori (BBQ chicken) and Shinshu natural cooking (traditional food of Nagano prefecture).


Restaurant guide


But what I find very interesting here is the free roof top garden! From here, you can see the Tokyo station building and the shinkansen as it passes by.

I have a friend who is really into trains and he told me about this place. When the weather is good, this rooftop is the perfect place to hang out.


Roof garden


6th floor of Kitte building


Nice and sunny!




There are lots of places to have a rest on the rooftop, so there were many families around, as you can see in the pictures below.

It is so relaxing to be surrounded with nature, perfect for some fresh air.







From the rooftop, you can see great views of the neighboring Tokyo Station. This building was designed by historical architect Kingo Tatsuno.


Tokyo station surrounded by skyscrappers


The contrast of the red bricks and white marble is impressive, even to the extent that visitors come to Tokyo station just to see this building.


here is another one


Can you see the shinkansen coming and going from Tokyo station?


Shinkansen tracks


I came back to the rooftop when it got darker.

After sun

The city lights of Tokyo were beautiful and radiant.



In conclusion, Kitte is a great place to do some shopping, have a nice meal and relax in the rooftop garden. With an awesome view included, it is a really great place to spend your afternoon or evening.

Just opened in March 2013, the architects did a really nice job combining the old postal office with the new, modern tower. I hope you are able to check it out some day!

Thank you for reading and see you next time~



Tappy tips 

There are quite a few Kitte building all around Japan such as Nagoya and Fukuoka (Hakata). If you are in the area, be sure to check it out!





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