World Cosplay Summit 2016

Last week, I had the chance to participate in the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya.

This event was held for the first time in 2003 and since then it has grew into the biggest cosplay event in Japan with many cosplayers from all around the world coming to Japan to compete in the Cosplay Championship.

From Tokyo, it took a little bit over 1 hour by Shinkansen bullet train to Nagoya. Oasis 21, the famous landmark of Nagoya is the main event space. From Nagoya station, you can take subway to Sakae station. If you see the Nagoya TV tower, you are at the right place.

Well, it’s hard to miss because, besides the landmark, you will all see the large crowd dressing in unique costume, all the cosplayers!


Nagoya TV tower and the central park


It was a beautiful day! The sky was clear, perfect for the parade.

Once I checked out the main space event, I moved on to Osu Kannon and the shopping street to see the parade.

Cosplay Championship representatives from all countries were gathering along with other amateur cosplayers. Prior to this event, I was not in anyway interested in cosplay. I was so surprised to see how devoted each cosplayers are.


Shopping street


Osu Kannon



Clearly, you can’t by this kind of costume anywhere. Either you have to make it yourself or you have to hire someone professionally to do it for you (and it ain’t cheap!).

The hair and make-up are equally important. These colorful wigs also need to be customized. Most cosplayers seems to be very very good at makeup too. Many of them look like a total different person when they wear normal clothes.







I had a little chat with few cosplayers. Some traveled very far all the way from Kyushu to join this event on their own expenses.

What is so fun about it?

Most people would say that they enjoy the process of planning and creating the costume. Making armor, sewing the dress and building weapons can be a really fun and rewarding hobby. They also enjoy being photographed!

They don’t mind at all when I asked if I can post their photos on my blog and facebook.

Below are some;


Do you know from which game/anime these girls are cosplaying
I know this one! Goku from Dragonball Z
* hashtag #drolling
It must be very hot to wear this costume



It was a hot summer day. I wore normal clothes and even that I sweat a gallon.  I can feel my make-up melting at this point. I probably drank 2 litres of water but I didn’t feel the need to use the toilet at all in that 6 hours.

It would have been nice if this event is organized in the spring or fall when it’s cooler. But then again, it might be difficult for cosplayers dressing “sexy” theme.


3 beautiful cosplayers
she is so cute and petite



The girl in red told me that, she had her dress custom made by local tailor. Usually she would make the dress herself but this time she didn’t have enough time to finish the dress before the event.

It costs 20,000 yen just to make the dress. Wig and other accessories are of course extra costs.


Sailor moon, all 7 of them … wait! there are more!



The darker it gets, the more people come to the event. At 6PM, Oasis21 was crowded with thousands of people dressing in costumes.

I saw many peoples in beautiful dresses. Some of them even lit up at night. The dress must have been made of LED lights. I can see how much work the cosplayer must have put into making the dress.

I really admire their creativity.

FYI : I took some photos but since I didn’t ask for permission, I can’t use them;(


Nagoya TV tower and Oasis 21


The cosplay championship final round began around 4PM. I was lucky enough to get the press pass to enter the hall. Taking photos and videos are strictly prohibited except press! I got some photos to show you!

Sword Art online x HIS

Special colaboration between Sward Art online and HIS. Stay tuned for more updates on our blog!


Cosplay Championship WCS 2016

Final round


Candidates from all countries are given some time to perform and present their costumes on stage. The program ran by 3 MC both in Japanese and English so even though you can’t speak Japanese, you won’t have any problem understanding what is going on the stage.

My favorite are the representative from Indonesia… and they happened to be the winner of the Cosplay championship this year too.


Congratulations Indonesia!!!





2nd runner up is the representative from Denmark


And 3rd runner up are from France!



It was such a wonderful experience to be able to attend this event. Any of you been to the WCS? How did you like it?

That’s all from us today. See you next post!





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