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Recently, we had a chance to welcome the production team of “Catch Asia” at Harajuku tourist information center.

The production took one day. It went successfully and overall our guests enjoyed the activities recommended by our staffs.


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The purpose of the “Catch Asia! Media Network” – a joint campaign by MRI and ASEAN/India’s Media Partner – is to promote proactive strategies and advanced technologies of Japanese companies in ASEAN/India, and the smooth distribution of information between ASEAN/India and Japan. The campaign has been worked out and implemented in a hope that it will facilitate economic activities and contribute to sustainable social and economic development in both ASEAN/India and Japan.  (source)


This time, Catch Asia featured Japan inbound tourism business and what we do to help our customers from the planning process, during the trip and returning to their countries.


TIC Harajuku
TIC Harajuku 

If you are interested, Catch Asia is now live in different languages. Be sure to check it out!!




India (3 versions)





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