Pumping your adrenaline with Extreme Outdoor Activities in Japan!

When travelling in Japan, if temples and shrines are too mainstream or a bit boring for you, you should definitely check out this blog. We gathered the most extreme activities to do in Japan, not only on land, and water but also in the sky!!

Japan has so many things waiting to surprise you. Are you ready?

Let’s do it!!

Extreme Outdoor Activities In Japan

1. Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump
Bungee Jump

Let’s kick off our list with the most exciting one. Imagine  falling down from a height of 100 meters. The thought itself is enough to give you chills. You can experience the highest fall of all at Ibaraki Prefecture,  right next to the city of Tokyo.

You can even dress up as your favorite Anime character and fly down to the river. I think you can only try this kind of thing in Japan.

Price : 15,000 Yen/Person
Duration: 1-2 hrs
Ibaraki Prefecture (Available all year round)

Bungee Jump Reservation & Details Click>>>

2. Rafting


Japan is infamous for the heat and humidity during summer. If you happen to come here around this period, why don’t you try refreshing yourself by getting some splashes from the river.

Rafting will give you a great adventure and you can experience it with your family and friends. Don’t worry, there are routes for both amateurs and experts

Price : starts from 6,500 Yen/Person
Duration: 1-2 hrs
All Prefectures (available all year round)

Rafting Reservation & Details Click>>>

3. Paragliding


Spread your wings and touch the sky, feel the breeze and behold the panorama of Japan from way up high. If you seek this kind of experience, Paragliding is the answer for you.

You can choose to fly alone or with an instructor for those who do not have experience. You will enjoy views of the sea, mountains, and fields from a new perspective.

Price : starting from 4,000 Yen/Person
Duration: 1-2 hrs
Available all year round

4. Scuba Diving

Fish Feeding
Scuba Diving

This time, we’re going down into the deep and meeting friends from the underwater world. There are many beautiful coasts in Japan and things to do underwater to choose  as well.

You can enjoy the views of the reefs, hang out with sea animals (swimming next to turtles, how awesome is that!!) or even feeding fish underwater.

5. Flying Board

Flying Board
Flying Board

Let’s become like a cool game character who flies on a Hover board. In real life, it doesn’t exist yet. Still, you can fly over the water instead with this Flying Board and it is still very cool. Moreover, you can do this in the Lake near Mt.Fuji. Taking a picture of yourself flying above the lake in front of Mt.Fuji is going to be an unforgettable experience.

Just plant your feet into the equipment and the water will shoot out from the bottom of the board. It will lift you high up into the sky! It’s quite safe and very easy to control even if you have no previous experience. We have professionally trained staff on-hand who will be supporting you all the way.

Price : 3,750 Yen/Person

6. Stand up paddle board

Stand up paddle board
Stand up paddle board
Stand up paddle board
Stand up paddle board

If you want to slow things down a bit, Stand up paddle board is another great way to view the city and nature.

In big cities like Tokyo, you may come across crowded transportation or tourists. Why don’t you ride along the river and and explore the city like no other.

Price : starting from 5,000 Yen/Person
Duration: 2-3 hrs
Tokyo (available all year round), Other prefectures (available in some seasons)

7. Cycling and Boating in the city

Cycling in the city
Boating in the city

Similar to the previous one, if you are a fan of bicycles, we have tours and gear for you to explore any places you want. For those who are not sure about standing on the board, we also have normal boats for you to ride along the river as well.

Price : starting from 5,500 Yen/Person
Duration: 2-6 hrs (depending on activities)
Available all year round (depending on weather)

8. Chilling out at Local Islands, Beach and Seas

Chilling out at Local Island, Beach and Seas
Chilling out at Local Island, Beach and Seas

There is no doubt that local people know the best about their area, so why don’t we hear from them? Let’s enjoy the sea, beaches and islands with a local tour guide. They will take you to the best spots and we will get to know the stories behind these amazing places too.

Price : starting from 5,000 Yen/Person
Duration: 1-6 hrs
Depending on Weather

9. Balloon


Let’s go up high into the sky again, this time by hot air balloons. If paragliding is too extreme for you, this might be a good choice. Take your time and enjoy the view from up there. This will make you feel like you are traveling Japan with new eyes.

Price : starting from 21,000 Yen/Person
Duration: 1-2 hrs
Depending on weather

10.Mermaid Cosplay

Mermaid Cosplay
Mermaid Cosplay

Wanna try to be a mermaid? Okinawa has a place for you! Known for Beaches and Coast, it is one of the best sightseeing destinations in the country. You can put on the mermaid fin and become the Little Mermaid for once in your lifetime. If you plan to travel to Okinawa, give it a try.

Price : starting from 6,000 Yen/Person
Duration: 2-3 hrs
Okinawa area (available all year round)

11.Activities around Mt.Fuji

Activities around Mt.Fuji
Activities around Mt.Fuji
Activities around Mt.Fuji

Let’s escape from the big cities and take a break to Mt.Fuji., the symbol of Japan. There are plenty of things to do around the area from relaxing to adventuring. You can choose a one day trip or stay over night as it is not far from Tokyo.

Price : starting from 5,400 Yen/Person
Duration: 2-3 hrs
Available all year round (please check time schedule in advance)

12.Hiking, Cave and Nature Exploring

Hiking, Cave and Nature Exploring
Hiking, Cave and Nature Exploring

Lastly, are you a big fan of exploring and nature? Japan has abundant natural resources and places for you to explore around the country, starting from Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Exploring the Jungle, Cave Exploring and more.

Price : starting from 7,500 Yen/Person
Duration: 4-6 hrs (depending on activities)
Depending on season (please check time schedule in advance)

Wanna see more? Click on Activity Japan to see more and make a reservation.

Japan is not known for just culture and food. Next time you visit, check these activities out and you will have a blast!

That’s all for today. See you in the next post.


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