New Paradise for Cute Souvenirs & Postcard Lovers

I think Japan is one of the most creative countries in the world.

They are so good at turning things that are so simple, into very unique and interesting things with tons of varieties. One of their outstanding points is “Cuteness”, the so called “Kawaii Culture”.

Their talent shines through various collections of Souvenirs and Postcards which I am sure that you won’t get bored of buying even though you have them already.

If you are a big fan of these kinds of things, hurry and click on this blog because I will introduce you to a place that is, somehow, less known among tourists but it is like a Hidden Gem for cute stationery and postcards.

Cute Stationery & Postcards at Japan Post Office

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Yep! Unexpected answer, right? You can find all the cute things at post offices in Japan. In fact, it has so many useful services which I recommend you to know before arriving here. It will make your trip much more easier. You can check our blog from the link up above.


Tokyo Central Post Office
2-7-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Postal code:100-8994

Postal services: Weekdays 9:00–21:00
Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 9:00–19:00
1-min. walk from JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi South Exit)

Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station)

This is the head office of Japan Post, located in the center of Train Station in Tokyo. It has a variety of services so it’s like a  regular post office and bank combined. Furthermore, it has a large stockpile of cute souvenirs, stationery, and limited collections of stamps and postcards.

The symbol “〒” at Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station)

Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station)

Inside the building

It feels more like a small shop rather than a post office to me. If you want to use the postal service, you can contact the counter. If not, you can spend time looking for your favorite souvenirs. Without further ado, let’s go and explore the place!!!

  • Stationery

Most of them are just regular stationery like pens, scissors, notebooks, etc. What makes this place unique is that it has collection of postal-related shape of souvenir. For me, I think it is weird but very interesting at the same time. There are also:

Post Box shaped Stationery
Variety of Cute Items from Famous Characters
Colorful Decoration Washi Tape
Pencil Cases and Notebooks
  • Stamps

Of course! There has to be stamps in this list. It is a post office after all. If you are a stamp collector, you can spend time in this place for hours. You will find tons of rare stamp collections from old to new. You can find so many famous Japanese characters on the stamps, resulting in you wanting to collect all of them.

One of my favorite childhood series is now a collectible of stamp collection (Ultraman)
Various Collections of Stamps
Find your favorite collection
Collections of Tokyo Station
Athlete Collections from recent 2016’s Olympic 
  • Postcards

I think Japan put a lot of creativity into postcards. It has interesting gimmicks like 3D postcards and collaborations with famous characters from Disney, Hello Kitty and more. It also releases new collections of postcard every season. You can expect most of the cards to be red/orange/yellow tone, Autumn style from now.

Autumn Collection
Autumn Collection
3D Postcard from Disney
Autumn Collection
  • Traditional Postcards

If you prefer traditional Japanese postcards or just normal ones, it has it all!! Pick up your favorites from the shelf!

Regular Postcards
Japanese Traditional Postcards
Japanese Traditional Postcards
Japanese Traditional Postcards, “Sumo” style
  • Characters from Disney

Your favorite and beloved characters from Disney are now on the back of your postcards and stationery collections. There are some limited collections that can be found only here!!

3D Postcards from Disney
3D Postcards from Disney
Cute Stationery from famous Animations
  • Famous Japanese Characters

Not only from western culture, very cute characters from Japanese manga and anime are  joining us as well. Let’s find a cute souvenir like no other.

Gudetama or “Lazy Egg”
Hello Kitty!!
Hello Kitty’s Collection
Japanese Anime Characters
  • 3D Sightseeing Models

Wanna bring famous places in Tokyo back home? Sure!! Pick up the one you like and then have fun building it in your place. You will have things to remind you of Tokyo every time you look at these models.

  • Japan Post’s Original Mascot

Japan is the country of cuteness and mascots, so even the Post Office has one (very cute, though). His name is from the word “Posuto (ポスト or Post)” and the word “くま”, which means a bear, combined. He is too cute!!

“Posu Kuma” very cute mascot of Japan Post
“Posu Kuma” Doll
“Posu Kuma”
“Posu Kuma”

Now you know it!! Good place to buy souvenirs and cute stuffs. If you happen to be around Tokyo Station, don’t forget to drop by.

See you next blog.


At the top of Tokyo Central Post Office’s building, there is a Free rooftop garden where you can see a great view of Tokyo Station. Check the blog down below for details!!!

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