Postcard Lovers’ Festival

Hey! Are you a postcard or stamp collector?

Looking for a beautiful postcard to send back home, or want to try making your own Japanese style postcard?

Well, if you happen to be near Tokyo Station during 17th-19th September, I found an interesting event just right for you. Check it out!


Tokyo Central Post Office
2-7-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Postal code:100-8994

Postal services: Weekdays 9:00–21:00
Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 9:00–19:00
1-min. walk from JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi South Exit)

Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station)

This is the head office of Japan Post, located in the center of Train Station in Tokyo. It has a variety of services from post office and bank combined. Furthermore, it has a large stockpile of cute souvenirs, stationery, and limited collections of stamps and postcards too.

The symbol “〒” at Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station)

You will be surprised to know that how much Japanese people are really into Postcards. For most of us, we rarely collect or send postcards because of advanced technologies in out daily life.  Still, there are a lot of Japanese people who love collecting them. It is because they are conservative in their traditions which require them to send post cards in some occasions.

Central Japan Post Office

Moreover, Japan Post (Public Postal Company) is so enthusiastic and creative enough to come up with varieties of cute postcard and stamp collections. You may find your favorite characters on stamps or post card here.

Stamp Collection
Post Card Collection

Somehow I think this place will make it difficult for you to send postcards because you want to collect them all instead haha.


Message Festa 2016 in Kitte


Let’s talk about our main topic, Message Festa 2016. What is it?

Well, to put it simply, it is an event held by Japan Post. It is a festival that gathers people who are interested in or have passion about postcards and stamps, and do workshops like making cute handcrafts and artworks together.

Posu Kuma

This cute bear is a mascot of Japan Post, named “Posu Kuma”. His name is from the word “Posuto”, meaning “post”, and the word “kuma”, which means a bear, combined. This event is also like a birthday event to him as well.

So, why don’t we join the event and celebrate for him?  His others cute mascot friends will be joining us too.

Let’s Make D.I.Y Postcards
Workshops for Postcards Design
Workshops for Postcards Design
Staff are glad to help you create your own postcard

It is quite a huge event as it is arranged by Japan Post, a public company.

There is English signage throughout the event, making the venue easy to navigate, and even English speaking staff participating in the festival who will help you in the workshops.

There are a variety of limited edition goods for sale, including postage stamps, stuffed toys and even Post Kuma printed neckties. I think that any of these could make a great souvenir! Purchase of these comes with a free gift, like a memo pad or postcard.

Souvenirs available for purchase


And what’s more, entry to the event is free!  If you love sending or collecting postcards and stamps, you should not miss it by any chance.


Lastly, let’s get to know more about Posu Kuma. This clip video is about Posu Kuma during his work, trying his best to send a letter to the moon for his friend. Enjoy~*

(It’s in Japanese but I think it is easy to understand the story)

Message Festa 2016 in Kitte
17th-19th September 2016
at Kitte Department store/Tokyo Central Post Office (Map)


See you at the event!




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