Japan’s Nostalgic Digital Pet: Tamagotchi

Back to the 90s or early 2000s, Tamagochi was known around the world. Every kid must have one small egg-shaped  device which contains various types of little cute monster.

Once we own one, we have to take care these monsters like we take care of a real pet. It was a big hit!!

Despite the booming of going outside and catching monsters, let’s bring back the first phenomenon that shakes the world with little cute monster.

Tamagotchi : Nostalgic Digital Pet

Tamagotchi : Digital Pet

Teenagers in this generation might have not heard of Tamagotchi before. However, it is still a thing in Japan and has been sold more than 70 million devices around the world since its first appearance in 90s

Tamagotchi is a combination of words between “たまご” (Tamago) which means an egg in Japanese and the word “Watch”. However, it is pronounced as Wat-Chi in Japanese. That is why “Gotchi” has to be in the name. Still, it is catchy and easy to remember once you know its meaning.



As mentioned earlier, it is still popular in Japan which it semms like a heaven for those who love to play or collect Tamagotchi.

In Harajuku, you will find an official store full of cute and exclusive items which you cannot find from online store. More importantly, most of the instruction are in English, so you don’t have to worry about how to use the device.

All of the staffs are very friendly, energetic and ready to help you find the Tamgotchi that suits you the most. If you are a fan of Tamagotchi or looking for cute and unique gifts, check this place out! It is awesome!

At Tamagotchi Harajuku Store

In front of the store
image(4)Cuteness Overload!
image(13)Everything about Tamagotchi is all here for you
One of the cute Mascot of the store
Newest Version
Here is a Lucky Draw Machine! Let’s find out what will you get
Every Tamagotchi Ever!
Everything is too cute!!
If you are lucky, you will get to take a picture with a very cute mascot.



Tamagotchi Harajuku Store 

JR Harajuku Station
Yamanote Line from Shinjuku (2 stations), Shibuya (1 station)

Find the Takeshita Street Exit of JR Harajuku Station, then cross the road and turn left (do not go inside Takeshita Street), walk up the street and you will see the store on your right hand side.

FYI, store is next to the Harajuku Tourist Information Center

Things to do in Harajuku

Apart from eating and shopping, there are tons of fun stuffs to do in this area. Let’s check it out!!



Tokyo Pet Cafe
D.I.Y Ramen
Harajuku Idol Show
Harajuku Kimono Rental

Harajuku Tourist Information Center


1F Harajuku Ash Building 19-11

Jingumae 1 Chome Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0001
Map Click>>>
Harjuku TIC Blog Click>>>
Website Click>>>

We also have Tourist Information Center at Harajuku as well. If you need any help about travelling in this area or any part of Japan, please feel free to drop by.

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