Become a fake food connoisseur

In Japan, many restaurants showcase life-like samples of their dishes. They look so edible and tasty but… they’re most probably fake!

Did you know that there are stores that specialise in making these food samples for restaurants across Japan?


These fruits are actually fake?!


So this time, we decided to go to Chukyo Food Sample to learn how to make these food samples, or fake food.

Making Tempura

The first item on the menu… we tried to make delicious tempura.


Melted wax



In order to create the deep fried batter for the tempura, we dissolved some wax first.
The challenge here is that the sheet is really thin, so be careful! Handle it with care.
Look how serious everyone is. (`´)


Making the deep fried batter for tempura



After that, wrap the deep fried batter around the prawn.
The batter is quite hot, so it’s tricky to wrap it around the prawn firmly!


Wrapping the batter around the prawn



And voila, the tempura is finished! The deep fried batter looks so crispy it looks like you can eat it.


Voila! Tempura is done and looks yum!



If you’re not happy about how your tempura look, don’t worry! The wax can be dissolved, so you can fix up your tempura anytime.

When making the food samples, the shop staff are always ready to provide tips and tricks to perfecting the art of making fake food! They’ll happy to help whenever you have trouble during the process, making it a fun experience after all.


Making a Parfait

Making tempura was a perfect warm up to the challenge of making a parfait!
Just like making pastry in real life, to add whipped cream we also use a pastry bag.


Using a pastry bag to apply whipped cream!



You can also add your favourite toppings to the dessert!
There seems to be an endless variety of ttoppings to choose from, so it might be really difficult to decide which ones to use. (*^_^*)
Adding the cream to the parfait looks difficult too. It may require a bit of strength to do, but it’s definitely still fun!


So many toppings to choose from!



Look at how proud everyone looks after making tempura and parfait ☆



Otsukaresamadesu! Well done, everyone!



You can find a huge range of fake food souvenirs in the store, including key-chains, accessories and iPhone cases. So cute! (^O^)


Professionally-made Blueberry tarts

And finally, the last item on the menu!

Delicious blueberry tarts



We observed how the staff make blueberry tarts, which turn out to look like the real deal!
Creating a blueberry tart requires quite a few tools as well as other bits and pieces.

Different sorts of tools and paints



Because we visited the store on a holiday, we weren’t able to see any staff making food samples.

However, when it’s not a public holiday, you can usually see 1-2 shop staff creating all sorts of food samples in store!





Thank you for the unforgettable time!

For those who are interested in experiencing something unique to Japanese culture, learning how to make food samples during your stay in Japan is highly recommended! The whole lesson is completely hands-on, so even if you don’t speak a speck of Japanese, the shop staff are happy to explain each step by showing you how things work.

It’s not difficult to do either, and you can take home some very memorable and cool souvenirs. A perfect experience for families as well as single travellers!


How to get there:

The nearest station to the store is Honjin Station (H06) on the Nagoya City Rapid Railway Line 1 (Higashiyama Line).

At Honjin Station, take an exit at Exit 3, and it’s around a 7 minute walk from there. At Exit 3, immediately turn right, and at the first intersection make another right turn. You will see a school to the left after making the turn.

Exit 3 of Honjin Station



Make another right turn when you see the first intersection and keep walking straight and you’ll find the Chukyo Food Sample Store!

Chukyo Food Sample Storefront


Chukyo Food Sample

Matsubara-cho 2-10
Nakamura City, Nagoya City
Aichi Prefecture


Book a fake food making lesson through hisgo!


For those who want to try this experience in Tokyo (Ganso Shokuhin Sample Asakusa -元祖食品サンプル屋),  reserve free via Application Touch! Tokyo.






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