When Modern meets Traditional: Sakura – Japan in the Box

Are you looking for a good performance in Japan?

Want to see a show which represents rich tradition and culture of the country with a modernized story and cool gimmicks? Good news! I found one just right for you guys!

Let’s sit back, relax and enjoy the show…!

Sakura- Japan in the Box

Sakura- Japan in the Box

I often go to the theater for entertainment. You might have heard of Kabuki or Noh before which are traditional Japanese performances. Despite living here for some time, I still cannot fully understand or enjoy them that much. It is because of cultural differences and the language barrier.


2-31-1 Nihombashi, Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

The theater is located very close to Hamacho Station (浜町駅) on Toei Shinjuku Line. Find the Exit A2 and walk up the street for a bit and you will see a small shrine (like in the picture above) on your right. Next to that shrine, you will arrive at the theater in no time.   

At the theater

After entering, you can see this huge poster and reception desk.
Here is my ticket. I hope that we get a good spot.
Inside the theater

Let the show begin!

This is a story about a teenage girl who is now facing the difficulty of her age, trying to discover her true self. She has come across Goddesses from each season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. They take her on adventures in the mysterious settings on land, underwater, and snow where she learns how to face her fear and anxiety and eventually…… !!!

You’ll have to watch the show to find out, haha!

During the performance, you can take pictures or videos as much as you like (please be careful of the flash). I have taken some glimpses of the show for you. Don’t worry!! I won’t spoil anything….Enjoy!

Sakura, our protagonist

Through the journey of our protagonist, you will see a combination of Nature, Beliefs and Traditional/Modern Japanese performance, blended perfectly by talented performers. The show has fast-pace scenes full of action, and touching moments during the dramatic scenes. It is a well-balanced show with fascinating light and sound effects. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Traditional Hand Fan Dance
There is also interactive scene with the audience
Stage Scenes, Props and Effects are too gorgeous
One of the last scenes, they spread Sakura leafs (artificial one) from the ceiling


This one impresses me the most. Before the show starts, staffs will tell us to download a free application. It will spice the show up by adding for special effects (underwater, snow, falling leafs and more!), subtitles, camera and video mode which makes the show much more entertaining!!

Nice Shot

Let’s see some more photos, taken with a better camera!

This time, it is an umbrella dance.
Props, light and the background scene are incredible!!
Acrobatic scene!!!
Slow things down a bit and enjoy beautiful Japanese traditional dance
Talented performers
This is “Sakura” Japan in the box!!

Highlight Scene

This show combines both of traditional and modern Japan and gives you the feel of anime as well. I would recommend this show to everyone!

Wanna see it with your own eyes? Click the link down below to book the seat and enjoy this incredible show!

Ticket 6000 Yen (Adult/Children) Reservation Click>>>

If  you have any question about the show, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment down below.

See you next time!

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