Kimono stroll in Asakusa

Autumn is coming!

If you plan to come to Tokyo in this Autumn,Kimono experience should be on your to-do-list!

Asakusa is one of the most popular tourist destination among foreign travelers that representing the culture of the Edo period.There is a long shopping street where you can easily find Kimono rental stores and I knew a place where you can rent a complete set of Kimono at a  reasonable price.

A complete set of rental Kimono  will be covered in 5,000 yen. After you get dressed in Kimono,let`s grab your shoes and enjoy strolling around Asakusa area.

**Please return Kimono before the closing time of the store.

This store is located only 4 minutes by walk from Asakusa sation! When you leave the store ,Tokyo Sky Tree is just right in front of you.




Fortune telling paper in English version is available!



Stunning look! 

Normally,the price of a complete set of rental Kimono can range from 10,000yen but this special package could save your money almost 50%!

Package details: Female 5,292 yen (Includes tax),Male 4,212 yen (Includes tax)

  • Female : Complete set of Kimono except a a pair of socks(Tabi),Hair setting

Please contact:   if you would like to make a reservation (Since we have many kimono rental plan, please include tour code AJ13542 at the time of reservation)

This service is by advance reservation only.

Or visit our website for other activities >> hisgo 




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