Life made easier at Japanese Post Offices

Have you ever come across any problems like these??

  • I want to send a postcard from Japan, where can I buy a stamp?

  • My luggage is overweight but I don’t want to throw anything away….
  • Bought too many souvenirs and now I don’t have enough space to pack
  • Need cash, like…now!!!!
  • Need to send packages but it is in the middle of the night…etc

What should I do????

Well, don’t worry! Japan Post Office is here for you!!!

Japan Post Office

Basic Post Box

Sometimes, these problems might happen to you while travelling and of course it is not a fun thing to do. Most tourists usually do not think about the Post Office as it is not a tourist attraction and officers will not be able to communicate with them.

However, the Japan Post office is one of places I really recommend you to know or visit while you are in Japan. It will help you not only with Mail Services but also Sending packages and Banking and plenty of things that you wouldn’t think regular post offices would do.

Let’s get to know more about this place, shall we?

Japan Post, Japan Bank and Japan Insurance

Japan Post is not just an ordinary post company as it consists of 3 sectors; Japan Post, Japan Bank and Japan Insurance.That is why there are various varieties of services. The symbol “〒” represents the Post Office which you can find everywhere all around the country. As for Japan Bank, it is also known as “Yucho” from its Japanese name.

In this blog, we will focus mostly on Japan Post and Japan Bank  since their services relate to us more than the last one. (Unless you want to buy insurance haha)

Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station)
The symbol “〒” at Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station)

In this part, I will explain the services for Japan Post which foreigners often use when traveling or staying in Japan. Every branch in the country will provide the same services but only some big branches such as Tokyo Central Post Office (JR Tokyo Station), will have special services.

If you happen to visit near JR Tokyo Station, please check this place out.


Tokyo Central Post Office
2-7-2, Marunouchi
Postal code:100-8994

Postal services: Weekdays 9:00–21:00
Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 9:00–19:00

Postal savings services: Weekdays 9:00–18:00

1-min. walk from JR Tokyo Station (Marunouchi South Exit)

The good thing about this branch is that you don’t have to speak Japanese in order to receive services. There will be an Automatic Machine that welcomes you and help explain services that you want to use in English (also in Chinese and Korean).

Useful Services from Japan Post

  • Everything about Postcards & Stamps

Of course! It’s the Post Office after all. You will find tons of cute and unique designs of postcards. If you are looking for Cultural and Traditional ones, Cute ones like Disney, Hello Kitty, or Pictures of famous sightseeing places and more! You name it!, this place has it all. You cannot help but buy them all for sure.

Colorful Post Cards
Unique Design Postcards
Tons of Cute Postcards

If you are a stamp collector, I really recommend this place as you will find rare and limited collections. Somehow I think this place will make it difficult for you to send postcards because you want to collect them all instead haha.

After you find your favorite Postcard and Stamp, write it down and give it to the officers. It will be sent to the address you write in no time.

***Product design changes with the 4 seasons year round. 

  • Domestic and Overseas Delivery Service

Counter at Post Office

Let’s start with Overseas Delivery….

In the case of sending things larger than just a postcard, they also have 2 main services as

  • EMS (Express Mail Service): it is internationally used for urgent and fast delivery. The fee is higher than the regular service.
  • Postal Parcel: it is normal delivery service by air or ship. Price is cheaper but it takes more time than EMS.
All of the application will be prepared at table or you can ask the officers

EMS (Express Mail Service)

If you want to send small souvenirs back home or your luggage doesn’t have any more space, You can come to the post office to send them back. Still, many people may already know about EMS service and you might say it is too costly. If you are in a rush you can use this one.

Postal Parcel (国際小包)**

Postal Parcel

This is the real hero of the show. I am pretty sure that not many people know about this method (including myself). It is the most cheapest way and also reliable to send things overseas. There are 3 types as described below.

Pascel Mail.PNG

Each service is different depending on fees and delivery time, still it is considerably cheaper than other public delivery companies. You can send things up to 30 kg. back home within a week (Airmail and SAL) and save a lot of money. Now, you don’t need to worry about your luggage being overweight anymore.

You can check rates delivery days of your package here Click>>>  

More Details about International Mail (English Webpage) Click>>>

Next, for those who want to send things in Japan, they have services which fees are dependent on size and destination. (Quite Cheap as well)

Domestic Delivery Service
  • Special Post Reception

Special Post Reception

Normally, most of local facilities in Japan close very early (4-5 pm). If you really need to use services in the evening or early morning you can come to big branch such as Tokyo Central Post Office which can help you in an emergency.

You will be surprised to know that Japan Post literally does everything that relates to delivery services. Now you know more places to shop online from Japan. They have various types of products including Foods, Drinks, Souvenir, Fashion, Toys and more. They will be delivered to your place by EMS in no time.

To see their Catalogs, check their website in this link Click>>>

Lastly, even though the English skills of the staff are not that high, they will try their best to help you. In case you try to convey to them in Japanese, here is  English-Japanese Communication Guide that is commonly used in Post Office.

I think it will be very useful.

Useful Services from Japan Bank

Japan Bank “Yucho”

This time is all about money, money, money!

You can get Japanese Yen from Yucho ATM which can be found in about 500 Family Mart stores in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai regions. Now, you don’t have to worry about your budget while travelling anymore (unless you really run out of money).

More Details Click>>>

Yucho ATM

Normally, there will be an ATM machine from Yucho in every Post Office. Sometime, you will find “Yucho” branch around the city or separate ATMs in corners of department stores, train stations or mini marts as well.

Here is a guideline for how to withdraw money from Yucho’s ATM. It is very easy!!!

Posu Kuma ポスくま

“Posu Kuma” the very cute mascot of Japan Post

Lastly, Japan is the country of cuteness and mascots, so even the Post Office has one (very cute, though). His name is from the word Posuto (post) and the word kuma, which means bear, combined. You can also buy cute souvenirs like this one and more from Japan Post.

That’s it for today!

Next time, I will bring more interesting things that you can do at Japan Post. Stay tuned!

At the top of Tokyo Central Post Office’s building, there is a free rooftop garden which you will see great view of Tokyo Station. Check the blog down below!!!

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