Unique Postmarks in Japan

It might have been a long time since some of us sent a letter by hand. If you have received one recently, you might remember the mark that is put over the postage stamp. This is called a “postmark”.

Basic Post Box in Japan

In my country, postmarks are pretty standard. Usually they have the location where the letter was sent and maybe the date. Kind of boring.


Different Postmarks

But what I noticed when sending and receiving postcards in Japan, that they often have more intricate and unique marks, even featuring a drawing of the area around the post office or some tourist attractions nearby.

Doraemon Stamp (Beloved Manga and Anime Character  )


It really is interesting to explore different areas and then send a postcard or letter with a postmark featuring the area where the letter was posted! I myself am guilty of sending postcards to myself for collecting purposes.)

Japanese Postcards

In today’s blog, I’ll introduce some examples of interesting and unique postmarks from around Japan.


Unique Postmarks around Japan

This one is from Mukojima Post office, Near Asakusa.

As it’s close to Tokyo Sky Tree, they included this as part of the icon!

Mukojima Post Office


My coworker visited Hokkaido recently, and she was kind enough to send postcards back to us!

Cute Postcards from Hokkaido


This one is from Sapporo Chuo Post Office. It features the well known landmark Sapporo Clock Tower.

Sapporo Chuo Post Office


This one that features airplanes is from New Chitose Airport, near Sapporo.

New Chitose Airport


Recently, I went to visit Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture and sent postcard to my friends. Here is the postmark.

Matsumoto Castle
Matsumoto Castle

One of my co workers wrote a blog about this gorgeous “Crow Castle”. Maybe you wanna check it out.

Nagano Trip Series : Matsumoto Castle (松本城) The Crow Castle

Let’s visit Japan and collect more unique Postmarks!! See you in the next blog




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