Face-to-face with the Bluefin tuna exclusively at Tsukiji market

Yes, it is sooo mysterious that you have to be lucky enough, tough enough to date a giant Bluefin Tuna !
But how ????? Let us tell you in our post today.

The thing that a foreign visitor would like to visit at least once in a lifetime during their visit in Japan
– Quoted by Anonymous Prawn


If you do not wish to go back home empty handed, please read this article to the end. (Smirk)

Tsukiji fish market is the top 10 that you have to visit during in TOKYO. What makes it so special about it ?

Well, its not only the largest wholesale market in Tokyo, it also has the big Big BIG Bluefin Tuna Auction that you cant see in elsewhere in TOKYO ! Of course its Free of Charge to visit the auction !

We will guide you step by step to meet the giant tuna.

What should you be aware of before visiting the tuna auction?

1. They have specific dates that the auction will be held.

Click the calendar to link to the official page

The calendar is Japanese only. While checking out the calendar, please choose the correct year that you are planing to visiting.
平成28 is the year of 2016 ; 平成29 is the year of 2017
Next, check out the Months.
So you have to watch out for reds, as reds are the days that the tuna auction are not being held!

2. They only allow max 120 visitors per day to visit the auction!




There are 2 visiting sessions per day, each lasted for around 30 mins
They only allow 60 visitors per session, which is max 120 person for both sessions.
And you could not make ANY RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE !


3. You have to go there during the wee hours




The auctions starts around 05:25 (for the 1st session)  and 05:50 (for the 2nd session) but, you have to be there at least 4 hours before it starts.

Why ?

As you can see from the picture above, registration time starts from 02:15 ~ 03:00
Which means you have to be there around 2 a.m. in the morning to secure your seat!

And the registration will closed once they accepted 120 registrants.
So better be quick or you just waste your sleeping time away ~~~~~

The green west were given as the “Admission ticket” to meet the giant Bluefin tuna.


4. The place to register to visit the auction ?

Map Source : Tsukiji market English Official HP (Click the map to link)



The registration for Tuna Auction will be at the Fish Information Center Near the Kashidoki gate of the Market.

So go there by 2am, and grab your entrance ticket !

Later on you will be lead to a small room to wait. While waiting you could go out to buy stuffs or you could wait in there by playing cards or get a quick nap.


Mr Auction Bidder with the cap



If you are lucky on that day, there will be a auction bidder that fluent with English telling you the interesting facts that happening in the world of Tuna Auction.

And I was lucky enough to meet Mr Auction bidder, he was so humor and really helping us know more about the auction and also kill my time in that room.


5. Some ground rules before going to the auction

  • Please wear appropriate footwear
    • high heels, flip flops is a No No
  • No flash photography during the Tuna Auction
  • Do not disturb or make a fuss during the Tuna Auction.
  • Do not eat or drink during the Tuna Auction
    • eating and drinking in the waiting room is OK

***Failed to obey above might be kick out from visiting the auction as  Tsukiji Inner Market reserves the right to refuse entry upon its discretion.


6.Follow the rules absolutely given by the authorities

While walking from the small room to the auction observation area



Tsukiji Wholesales Inner Market (Which the tuna auction is held)  is a serious business place, NOT a tourist facility and the auctions are exclusively for professional traders.

If you really would like to observe tuna auctions, make sure you read the notice paper prepared by the Tsukiji Wholesales Inner Market and visit the auction area at your own risk. Visitors are required to follow the guidance given by the security guards and instructions on the signs in the market.


7. Here are the giant fishes

Bidders are waiting to bid



Giant fishes !!!! In front of your eyes ! Cool right !

The tuna auction place is like a cold storage, so better wear more clothes to stay warm.


Bidder OS : Hmm, how much shall i bid for this?


The bidders are give time to check a small piece of fish with reference numbering on (reflects on which fish the are gonna bid)

Once the bell rang, bidding is in session.


Auction Master is ready to action



During bidding, you can hear the auction master is shouting the numbers of the fish to be bid by the bidders and the price bid by the bidders.

The bidders use various hand signs to show their bidding prices.

For those who literate in Japanese might some how pin point what does the Auction master is shouting about.

And the man with the pen and notepad is the person in charge to jot down which bidder successfully bid for which fish.

Everyday , almost 100 tunas are being bid in the Tsukiji Inner Market.


Wefie during the Auction



After a sleepless night, we find it quite a nice place to visit.

Actually the market itself has much more things to see, eat and feel around.

If you are interesting with what is going around the Tsukiji Outer Market, please refer to this.

Tsukiji the biggest wet market in tokyo

Tsukiji market and sushi making experience




P/S: The Tsukiji Market is going to move to Toyosu (豊洲) tentatively at Nov 7th 2017 according to official source. Yet due to some unforeseen circumstances, it will be delayed. When will be it ? Still unsure.

Stay tuned for more updates with us

How to access

Address: 5-2-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (中央区築地5-2-1)
Tel : 03-3547-8011 /8013 (Only Japanese is spoken)

◆ Tuna Auction http://www.tsukiji-market.or.jp/tukiji_e.htm
◆ Jogai Shijo http://www.tsukiji.or.jp/english/index.html (public market)

Public transport Access :
– 1 min. walk from Tsukijishijo Sta. (Exit A1) , Toei Oedo Subway Line
– 15 min. walk from Tsukiji Sta. (Exit 1), Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
– 15 min. walk from Higashi-Ginza Sta. (Exit 5, 6), Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line & Toei Asakusa Subway Line
– 15 min. walk from Shimbashi Sta. (Shiodome Exit), JR Yamanote Line or Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
– 10 min. by Toei Bus #市01 bound for “Tsukiji Chuo Shijo” from Shimbashi Sta. (Ginza-guchi Exit), JR Yamanote Line

If  you have any question about the show, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment down below.

See you next time!





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