Saving hacks to pack a suitcase like a pro!

Whether you travel for business or leisure, it’s important to pack smart and efficiently. Especially when you want to save most of space for all goodies that you want in Japan. I can’t wait to show you my packing tips !!*”#%*}+{+#~¥;>|=~_?

I will assure you that my tips will blow all that packing stress away!

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Resize everything

You won’t need the whole bottle of shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, etc. Calculate how much you need for one day and put them in smaller bottle.

In Japan, these bottles are easily found in 100 yen store.

Toiletries bags are quite useful tools to organize space in your suitcase. If one of the bottle breaks, at least the liquid will be contained in this bag and won’t wet all your clothes (trust me it can happen).

Moreover, travel pouches with multiple pocket compartments will keep your belongings organized. I recommend travelers to get a set of travel pouch! I’m sure it is incredibly convenient and will make your life easier.




If you don’t have any problem with shampoo or shower gel, travel set of hair products and shower kit would be perfect! Just drop by any convenient store in Japan and grab these items. This way, you can reduce your luggage weight and save some space.

shower travel kit:shampoo,conditioner,shower gel,facial foam

Good news for ladies!

Not only can shower travel kits be found in convenient stores but skin care travel kit can be too!

There are many  popular beauty products that you can buy.

Organize clothes in luggage

A big problem for many travelers is how to keep you clothes organized, but not for me.

For example, if you plan to stay in Japan for 5 days, 2 trousers should be enough and nobody’s going to notice it, lol.

The most useful item for me is jeans because jeans can match any kind of clothes. If you are a denim lover, jeans have got your back.

Choose your favorite clothes that cover a range of occasions and easily matched up with skirts or trousers. To make things easy, when you start packing, you should roll all your clothes. Rolling your clothes make them efficiently spaced out, prevents wrinkles and leaves a lot of space for you to add more items in your luggage!

Explore the world with a pair of shoes!

Walking is a very important part of life in Japan. Which means travelers should be prepared to do a lot of walking. Usually in Japan you spend a lot of the day walking and walking, so I recommend sneakers or any comfort shoes that fits you very well.

Check hotel facilities and services

Please make sure that you check hotel facilities and services when you make a reservation. This way might help you minimize your belongings during your trip.

Normally, hotels will provide towel and hair dryer in the room but some hostels don’t have this service. If you want save your budget you should bring your own one.


Mini items are important…

When you want to take a photo/selfie, everyone wants to look the best (especially girls)! Mini hair curlers will make all of you happy with a perfect look.






Borrowing and lending

Last but not least, if you travel with your family or friends, you should think about lending and borrowing items from them too lol.

This is the smart way to manage your suitcase and leave enough space for all goodies that you want in Japan.





Now I think you won’t have any problems with packing anymore! I hope you will enjoy shopping in Japan! @3@//

See you!!

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