Breathtaking Helicopter cruise over Tokyo sky

You probably have explored different areas in Tokyo, and have experienced its busyness and uniqueness. However, have you ever tried to enjoy the awesomeness of this city from high above?

The aerial view of Tokyo is even more breathtaking, and ranked as one of the most romantic things to do. Let us check out our very first experience of Tokyo view helicopter ride.


We took a train from Shinjuku to Maihama station which located in Chiba prefecture.

Get off at Maihama station North Exit
Same station as Tokyo Disneyland


The tour company offers pick-up and drop-off services between Maihama station and Excel Air Service INC heliport.

The total travel time from Shinjuku to the heliport was approximately 1 hour.


Shuttle bus from
En route




After we arrived, we were friendly greeted by staff and taken to the waiting area.

waiting area



We were very surprised about how well designed the waiting space is. Especially the large leather sofas and stylish bar made me feel like a VIP.

There are also seats at the balcony with a romantic ocean view, which is perfect for couples. We were there at twilight time and the dramatic orange sunlight made everything like a beautiful movie scene.


beautiful ocean view



Staff  guided us through check-in step by step, and we were given detailed information about safety rules and how to use photography tools properly on the helicopter.

Since they do not allow smartphones and tablets on board, definitely bring a digital camera. Also, if you use digital camera or DSLR camera, make sure to turn the camera flash off.



Boarding pass



While waiting to be boarded, everyone of us was served one drink. There are coffee and tea, hot and iced. If you would prefer something fancier, you can also order champagne, cocktail, wine, beer or soft drinks.Tasty drink and the beautiful sunset made our time fly by very quickly.




The excitement starts here! Let us board and fly!

Baggage storage service is also available there. Even if you traveled with big suitcases, do not worry.


Keep your belongings in locker
Security check! Leave your locker key in the tray before walking through the gate
Safety guidelines explained in both English and Japanese


  • Absolutely no photography when boarding. There will be a photo session after the flight.
  • Follow attendant’s instructions carefully.
  • Fasten your seat belt, and do not stand up during your flight.
  • Do not talk to the pilot.
  • Since it will be very windy, if you wear a skirt or scarf, hold it firmly, etc.

Although we were asked not to disturb the pilot, since he or she needs to concentrate on operating, our pilot was super friendly and kindly informed us about all the cool stuffs and landmarks in Tokyo such as ferris wheel in Odaiba, imperial palace, and Tokyo Tower etc.


Leaving Chiba


Tokyo is definitely one of the biggest metropolises in the world, but from above everything looked so small. I was very surprised that the Tokyo Tower looked so close to Odaiba, the Imperial Palace actually looked ginormous in the center of Tokyo. The view was incredibly beautiful and it was an awesome experience.






From Chiba prefecture to the heart of Tokyo,  It only took 2 mins! It is truely amazing! And we spent 10 minutes circling around and enjoyed Tokyo from all different angles.

Our pilot also told us that when is sky is clear, we can also spot Mt. Fuji.


2 mins from Chiba to Tokyo!
Tokyo aerial view
Tokyo aerial view



I usually have terrible airsickness, however the whole flight was very comfortable. I was completely relaxed and enjoyed every second on the helicopter.


Sunset over Tokyo sky



I would highly recommend everyone to try out this Tokyo helicopter experience, especially for those who are looking for something surprising, special and romantic. It is perfect for marriage proposal, birthday surprise, and any types of anniversary.

Our ride only took about 15 mins, and we did feel it was a little too short and we wanted more! In order to let you fully explore the beauty of Tokyo, they also provide longer courses and chartered plan for special occasions.


Posting for a photo in front of helicopter



To enjoy this helicopter as we did, please check out the link below and make a reservation. Reservation >> hisgo

Have fun and see you next time.

Blog by MONTHLY&Meng Xu

Photos iinori




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