Revel in the World of Japan Railway : Saitama Railway Museum (part 2)

Hi there!!

We are back with the second part of Saitama Railway Museum. Thank you so much for your patience. This time we will show you sections that makes this museum so special.

For those who need catching up, I wrote the first part of museum in my previous blog. You can check it out by clicking this link (Part 1).

Let’s continue our journey to the….

Experience Zone

In the Experience Zone, you learn about the railway through doing rather than reading from the board. You can try to drive a simulation train, and the interior is exactly the same as the real train. You can choose to drive from Normal Local Train, Old Vapor Train, or even Shinkansen. Despite being a simulation, it feels like you are actually driving a real train!!

Normal Local Train
Simulation Screen
The screen gives us details about the speed, our destination and train’s information
This is how the Train Console looks like. It’s complicated when you are controlling the train
Let’s go for the Vapor Train. It looks so difficult!!!
This one is the most complicated console of all. It takes so much experiences to fully operate the train

Let’s step outside the hall. Even though it looks quite childish, I get to control the train on the actual railway!!

At the train platform, waiting for the train
Have a great time while driving the train

In fact if you would like to ride the drain, you will need to line up fairly early. So many people want to drive the train, especially for the kids. So get there fast!!

Here is the instruction for the train


Actual Train Console which you have to decide whether to break and go forward.
You can enjoy the scenery along the railway

More things to do at the museum

As I mentioned earlier, you can spend around 3 hours in this museum. If you are hungry, don’t worry because there is a cafeteria. The dining room is very unique as you can choose to eat on the train.

Dining Area
If you prefer the typical cafeteria, they have it too

I recommend you to go up and eat on the 3rd floor because it is high enough to see when the train pass by (The museum is located next to the real railway, of course!!). There is a train schedule telling you when and what train will run pass by.

Train Schedule
I tried to capture this by my phone. This is the best one.
Sticker Machine!!
Souvenir Shop

I think this place is a heaven for avid train fans! Even if you’re not a train fan, this is still an interesting museum to visit. It isn’t too far from Tokyo as well, so all the more reason to visit!


The museum is located in Saitama Prefecture (north of Tokyo).

Operating Hours: 10:00-18:00 (last admission 17:30)
Close every Tuesday and the New Year’s holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 1)

Website (English) Click>>>

Adult (1000 yen)/ High School Student (500 yen) / Pre-School Student (300 yen)

That’s it for today. Hope that you enjoy our blog.

We will bring more about interesting things about Japan to you. Stay tuned!


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