Stationery Paradise, ITOYA GINZA!

Ginza is a popular shopping area of Tokyo, recognized as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world.


When you visit Ginza you will see many internationally renowned department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops. Among them we highly recommend to visit Itoya Stationery where you will find not only stationery goods but a perfect gift for all ages and occasions and a place to relax.

“Itoya” is a stationery shop established in 1904 and it has been providing customers with the best stationery goods.

Nowadays Itoya’s concept is to support working people offering not only variety of stationery goods but arranging a business lounge for reservation and a stylish cafe where you can enjoy fresh vegetables from a high-tech farm on 11th floor of its building.  


Paper samples at Itoya. You can find papers of various colors, textures and sizes.


Beautiful washi (Japanese design papers) and printed paintings can be a perfect gift.

A wide selection of ballpoint pens, pencils and markers are available.

A wide range of designer’s fountain pens can be purchased here too.

There is a stylish cafe on top floor where you can enjoy fresh vegetables grown in a high-tech farm on 11th floor.

You must try an original smoothie  “Dr.Ink” (Doctor Ink) made of vegetables.

Itoya’s original stamps and postcards can be purchased and sent here as a postbox located on the same floor.


If you are looking for something special from Japan, we recommend you to order an inkan (Japanese personal stamp). Your name will be converted to Kanji characters and carved on the stamp.

Canvases, a variety of colors and brushes for professional painters.

Cute sticker notes, clips and plenty of other office accessories, traditional souvenirs.

Please come to visit Itoya and discover unique stationery goods which can be the perfect gift for yourself, family and friends.

If you want to spend some time in Ginza,please visit us at H.I.S. Tourist information center in Ginza core. We will give you the best advise!

See you next time!

Blog by Tsunashima




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