Get to know the characters from SAO Ordinal Scale

In our previous post, we’ve introduced the world of Sword Art Online. This time, we will get you through each characters.

Who is your favorite?

Kirito / Kazuto Kirigaya


Age: 17 years (14 years at the beginning of the incident)
Occupation: Student

Abstract: Kazuto Kirigaya can be considered the central figure in the happenings of the “Sword Art Online” incident. His player ID is “Kirito” and he was one of the first players of this VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game). During the game, he became known as the “Black Swordsman” and found a way to prematurely end the game, saving many people’s lives. He is in a steady relationship with → Asuna.

Psychological profile: Beside his high intellect, Kirito didn’t show any kind of unusual behavior before the incident. He appears as a very polite and calm young man, who stayed civil even after two years of constant exposure to the brutal conditions of the game. However, it has been noticed, that during combat he becomes increasingly aggressive and has trouble to withdraw.

Furthermore, he shows anti-social tendencies: He is often very blunt and prefers to solve problems on his own. This may also stem from the discrimination that beta players like him experienced inside the game, as well as from his difficult family situation.

Additional note: Because some beta players withheld important and sometimes even life-saving information from new players, they were considered cheaters. Soon all beta players were referred to as “beater” (beta + cheater), a label that made it difficult for Kirito to interact with others during the game. It also confirmed him in the role of a solo-player. Despite the circumstances Kirito was always at hand to help people in distress and in the end earned the respect, friendship and also love of many survivors.

Asuna / Asuna Yuuki


Age: 18 years (15 years at the beginning of the incident)
Occupation: Student

Abstract: Asuna Yuuki is the daughter of the former CEO of RECT Inc. Her player ID was Asuna and she became involved in the SAO incident by accident but managed to overcome her fears and became a famous warrior. After the end of SAO Asuna still enjoyed VRMMORPG. She is in a steady relationship with → Kirito.

Psychological profile: Asuna is born in a wealthy and well-respected family. Therefore she has good manners and is very polite. In SAO however, she adopted a serious no-nonsense attitude and worked hard to advance the game as far as possible. Before she met Kirito she didn’t care if she died and was solely focused on ending the game without taking a rest.

An important part of her character is her ingrained need to help everyone and her empathetic perception. It is also difficult for her to bear the death of other players. These characteristics brought her and Kritio together and after many adventures they developed a deep love for each other. She also cares deeply for her friends and particularly for the A.I. -→Yui who she regards as her “daughter”.
Additional Notes: Because of her natural beauty and her mastery of the rapier, she became a very famous SAO player and was given the nickname “the Flash”.





Age: 2-3 years (1 year at the beginning of the incident)
Occupation: Mental Health Counseling Program

Abstract: Y.U.I. is an extraordinary artificial intelligence, who was designed to watch and support the psychological health of the players in SAO. However, she managed to exceed her programming and became a full sentient, digital being.
History: After the players were trapped inside the game, the central A.I. of SAO, the Cardinal System, restricted Y.U.I.’s administration powers. Y.U.I. could only watch the players’ suffering, but wasn’t able to help them. This conflict with her directives resulted in a massive error and Y.U.I. developed her own identity, sentience and emotions.

She entered the game as a NPC in shape of a ten year old girl and searched for the players → Kirito and → Asuna, feeling attracted to the couple’s strong positive emotions. Both of them took care of the seemingly amnesic girl and started to see themselves as her parents.

After they found out about Yui’s true origin, Kirito was able to save the girl from being deleted by the Cardinal System by turning her into an item that he saved in his personal NerveGear.

Additional Notes: Thanks to Kirito’s intervention, Yui exists now as a portable program who can follow her parents into every new game. There she appears as a small fairy. Thanks to a portable digital camera, Yui can also observe the real world as her “parents” experience it.


Agil / Andrew Gilbert Mills


Age: 30 years (27 years at the beginning of the SAO incident)
Occupation: Café Owner

Abstract: Andrew Gilberts Mills is the Afro-American owner of the “Dicey Café”, an important meeting point for the survivors of SAO. During the game, he was a successful merchant, who also participated in the battles at the front lines with his axe.

Psychological profile: At first sight, Agil was only interested in money during his time as a merchant in SAO. However, he needed the money to support low-level players. He also provided a room for → Kirito to stay in and defended him and other beta players against the accusations of cheating.

Additional notes: He grew up in Japan after his parents immigrated to the country and opened his own café which is used as an offline meeting place for SAO survivors.


Lisbeth / Rika Shinozaki


Age: 18 years (15 years at the beginning of the SAO incident)
Occupation: Student

Abstract: In the world of SAO Rika Shinozaki worked as a blacksmith and created many powerful weapons including → Asuna’s rapier and → Kirito’s sword.

Psychological profile: Lisbeth was very proud of her work as a blacksmith in SAO. While she is usually considered to be a very friendly person, people who disrespected her work were quick to enrage her. She is Asuna’s best friend, despite her own feelings for Kirito, a trait she shares with → Silica. Both of them became close friends because of their one-sided love.


Silica / Keiko Ayano


Age: 15 years (12 years at the beginning of the SAO incident)
Occupation: Student

Abstract: Silica won her access to SAO by lottery. The young girl became a BeastTamer, a character who befriends and tames monsters of SAO. Her pet, which she also kept in other games, is the little dragon Pina.

Psychological profile: Except for → Yui, Silica was one of the youngest players in SAO and very innocent and inexperienced. Therefore, other guilds often employed her not as a fighter, but as a mascot. She met → Kirito and his friends during her journey through the world of SAO to find her own worth. Similar to → Lisbeth, she is secretly in love with Kirito, but doesn’t want to disturb the relationship between him and → Asuna.


Klein / Ryotaro Tsuboi


Age: 25 years (22 years at the beginning of the SAO incident)
Occupation: Employee

Abstract: Ryotaro Tsuboi was a complete beginner in terms of VR technology when the SAO incident occured. However he managed to stand on his own two feet and became the leader of his own guild “Fuurinkazan” and one of the main forces trying to beat the game.

Psychological profile: Klein was the very first friend → Kirito made in SAO. However, the loyal young man decided against traveling with Kirito and instead decided to help his friends who were beginners as well. As the leader of “Fuurinkazan” Klein proved himself as being competent and reliable. He is always optimistic and tries to lighten up the mood.

Additional notes: He is also easily tempted by female characters.


Leafa / Suguha Kirigaya


Age: 16 years (13 years at the beginning of the SAO incident)
Occupation: Student

Abstract: Suguha Kirigaya is the younger cousin of → Kirito. She is a talented kenjutsu fighter and an accomplished player in the VR-game “ALFheim”.

Psychological profile: After the death of Kirito’s parents, he was adopted by Leafa’s parents. The young girl came to admire her intelligent and friendly cousin and new brother and was very depressed when he was trapped inside the game of SAO.
In real life, Leafa is not the most approachable character, despite being very friendly. Inside ALFheim however she displays a similar no-nonsense attitude like → Asuna did before in SAO, while showing the same aggressive tendencies as Kirito. To her dismay, she fell in love with Kirito’s avatar in ALFheim, not knowing it was him.



Sinon / Shino Asada



Age: 16 years

Occupation: Student

Abstract: Sinon is a sniper, who made a name for herself primarily in the first-person-shooter “Gun Gale Online”. After the confrontation with the serial killer “Death Gun”, she became part of Kirito’s group.

Psychological profile: Due to a traumatic experience in her past – she killed a robber by shooting him with his own gun while protecting her mother – she developed an extreme fear of weapons. To recover from that trauma she took part in the game “Gun Gale Online”.

In real life Sinon’s rather anxious and inconspicuous, but in-game she becomes a cool and strong fighter. Even in critical situations she remains calm and keeps a clear head, a character trait her fellow players admire about her.

Sinon is a friendly person, but especially in-game she can be quite quick-tempered, if angered.

Additional notes: // no data available


Akihiko Kayaba


Age: Deceased (28 years at the end of the SAO incident)
Occupation: Scientist

Abstract: Akihiko Kayaba was a genius and the creator of the NerveGear as well as the game Sword Art Online. It became clear, that he entrapped thousands of people in a game of life and death, just to live out his ultimate fantasy of being a gamemaster.

Psychological profile: Despite feeling no remorse for the thousands of life he had destroyed, Kayaba was always friendly and respectful. He had his own strange sense of honor and fairness and never tried to sabotage the efforts of the players to clear the game.

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