Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale: Coming to the Big Screen in 2017!

The 3rd and our last post in the SAO special posts; introducing you the SAO movie Ordinal scale!

“Ordinal Scale” – The future of Augmented Reality

As could be seen in my discourse so far the FullDive-technology has made a major impact due to its revolutionary mechanics. Nevertheless, this advanced technology had to take a lot of heavy setbacks and it is not yet clear whether it can make a comeback. First, the SAO incident, immediately followed by the scandal involving Alfheim Online and the latest occurrence, the murders connected to Gun Gale Online.

Nonetheless, various studies have shown the positive impact this new technology had in fields like relaxation and recovery and how it can be used in a profitable manner.



One approach to solving this problem was the creation of the “Augma”-Device – an appliance using augmented reality – developed by Doctor Tetsuhiro Shigemura. Unlike the NerveGear and the AmuSphere, which both use the full immersive technology, leaving the body of the user defenseless and vulnerable, this new device allows the user to stay conscious throughout the whole experience. In addition he will be able to broaden his senses by adding additional elements to his/her reality.

He will be able to see trees in full bloom while jogging through a park in deep winter or he will be able to listen to fitting background noises as he gazes upon a painted landscape in a museum.

This will change a dreary everydaily life into an adventurous and exciting one.

The “Augma”-Device is very compact and looks like an earphone, so it can be carried around and used everywhere and anywhere without interfering with the surroundings. The production costs of this appliance is also cheap in comparison to other existing VR-Devices and seems to be a huge success with the public.

“Ordinal Scale”

The main focus of the “Augma”-Device was to support athletes and help maintaining a regular health check-up. Using this technology in the entertainment industry to further advertise a healthy lifestyle grew even more prominent.

“Ordinal Scale” (OS) makes use of the popularity of MMORPGs and empowers the user to have fantastical adventures in the real world. Players can go on quests and fight monsters in the real world.

Its innovative gameplay mechanic was used as the title of the game.


The “Augma”-Technology is, in comparison to the FullDive-Technology, much safer, as the user does not lose consciousness and stays in complete control of his/her body.

Plus, instead of fleeing to mystical spheres this gadget brings the fantasy aspects into the real world without the dangers of losing oneself in a tantalizing web of escapism.

In my opinion Augmented Reality is the next step to a brighter future!


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Movie Trailer (with English subtitles):




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