Fun Time in Tokyo Bay – Odaiba

An artificial island in Tokyo Bay, originally created in the Edo period to protect Tokyo from attacks at sea, Odaiba is now a popular tourist attraction and date spot. It is a great place to go in the evening, when you can see a beautiful view of Tokyo’s lights.

Sightseeing around Odaiba

Giant Gundam Replica

The first place we went was probably the most famous landmark in Odaiba, the life sized 18m Gundam replica. Every half hour the statue lights up and moves a bit so if you’re lucky you might catch it at one of those times.

The garden in front of the Gundam statue had tulips blooming, so it was an interesting to see the contrast between the classic flowers and the high-tech Gundam model.

During the night

There was also an outdoor idol concert happening at the time, which was exciting to see. This particular group was called Kamen Joshi, literally “masked girls”. Just like the name of the group says, each member wears a hockey style mask while performing. The concert was on a tiny stage and it was outdoors so free to watch.


Source: Goodbye, Gundam. Life-size mecha statue is leaving Tokyo next spring

This Gundam Robot will not last for long. It will be there until this spring, so hurry up if you want to see it with your own eyes!!

Gundam Statue and Diver City Plaza

Next was time to stop for dinner. The nearby Diver City Plaza is host to a wide variety of restaurants from food court style on floor 2F to Wagyu grilled steak, hotpot and sushi on floor 6F. There is also a Gundam Cafe for die-hard fans. We went with the food court option – udon, ramen and omurice respectively. One of the shops in the food court, Yang no Ie, seemed to be popular with Japanese TV personalities, with a bunch of photos the owner took with celebrities in front of the shop!

After shopping, I was craving some sweets so we went down to Nana’s Green Tea for a lovely matcha and red bean parfait!

Nana’s Green Tea

It was a take-away style place so there weren’t many places to sit, but the parfait was delicious! Mochi, green tea ice cream, cornflakes, green tea jelly, and a big scoop of red bean paste.

After that, we were ready for some fresh air outside. On our walk, we saw some signs saying “Statue of Liberty” and “Flame of Liberty”. My curiosity got the better of me so we followed the signs.

Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge

I have never seen the original Statue of Liberty in New York, but this replica had a fantastic backdrop of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower! This area is definitely at its best in night time, with the Tokyo lights glittering in the background.


How to get there –> Website (English)

Hope you guys enjoy the blog. See you next time.



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