“Harry” Hedgehog Cafe

If you are an animal lover,would you try Japan’s latest animal cafe trend?

With animals ranging from common pets to exotic species, pet cafes have become increasingly popular .The newest animal cafe is the hedgehog cafe named “Harry”.

I can’t wait to share my experience with these cute animals!

“Welcome folks!”


Just a one minute walk from the Roppongi Metro station you will see the wooden brown building. From here you can find  hedgehog cafe “Harry” on the 2nd floor as well as a bunny cafe on the 3rd floor which is called “Ms.Bunny”.


When I walked up the stairs I saw these adorable clay figures shown in a different posture.


The place was quite packed as we walked into the cafe on a regular Monday.

If you don’t want to waiting in the queue,I would recommend you to make a reservation in-advance. click

 After I went inside I sterilized my hands with the Hand Sanitizer which provided there. The staff walked toward the table where I and my friends were sitting and explain how to handled ,touch and hold hedgehog properly to avoid hurting them or getting injured from those little spikes.

Please be ware!!! lol


The moment we have been waiting for has come!!! It was time to choose our favourite one. After I made a decision the staff put the chosen one inside of the metal containers and brought it to our sitting area.33

When picking up the hedgehog you’ll need to scoop them up swiftly by their stomach or you’ll be left to prick your palms consistently on their tiny thorns.

I felt that this cute little guy enjoyed his daydreaming.

When they are going to sleep they  will always curled up their body like a ball to protect themselves from predators.44

In fact,these little guys have a tendency to twitch and fidget like there’s no tomorrow. I managed to snap this cute picture of  his adorable crooked snout66

These innocence face has suddenly disappeared when he chomped down on the meal worm I got to feed him. He probably really  enjoyed it though.


The other guy seem really  happy  on my friend’s palm however when he twisted his tiny body it results pin-prick pain. You really need to be constantly mindful of holding them under their stomachs at all times, which can become difficult when your hedgehog doesn’t want to cooperate. 


Apart from hedgehogs, there are also a lot of geckos at this cafe that you can also interact with. Unlike hedgehogs, these little guys don’t really move around that much so if you don’t mind to spend some time with these cold-blooded lizards, they might become a good companion to deal with while enjoy your tea. 


“All in all, this is definitely a great place to chill, relax and enjoy some down time with some “exotic” animals.”

See you next post Bye Bye \ (^3^)/**



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