【Update】Details of the H.I.S. x 「SWORD ART ONLINE」Official Japan Tour 2017! (Part 1)

We’re so sorry for the long wait (TT_TT)
But we’re also super excited to announce some details of the H.I.S. x 「SWORD ART ONLINE」Official Japan Tour 2017!

◆Update #1: Location of the Secret Talk Show & dinner confirmed!

The Secret Talk Show will take place at LIEU DE VINTAGE MEJIRO, a very fancy banquet hall!


Only 1 minute walk from JR Mejiro Station


Banquet hall


French course dinner will be served (image)

Pro tip: Ikebukuro is another anime & manga sanctuary besides Akihabara! It’s only 1 train station away from Mejiro. Why not explore Ikebukuro on your free time?

Update #2: Guests of the Secret Talk Show revealed!

The guests of the Secret Talk Show have been confirmed as Mr. Reki Kawahara (author of SAO) and Mr. Kazuma Miki (editor of SAO)! If you’re lucky, you may be able to listen to behind-the-scene stories of SAO!


Mr. REKI KAWAHARA (川原 礫) – Author of Sword Art Online

Reki Kawahara is the winner of the15th Dengeki Bunko Prize in 2008. His prized work “Accel World” was published after that in February 2009. At the same time, his other series, “Sword Art Online”, which was written under another pen name on his own website, was also published by Dengeki Bunko in April 2009. In 2012, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ASCII Media Works company, these two works were made into their own animated series. Currently, “Sword Art Online” is planned to be adapted into a live action drama series in Hollywood.


Mr. KAZUMA MIKI (三木一馬)

Kazuma Miki is the Former Editor in Chief of Dengeki Bunko publishing, manager of Reki Kawahara and editor in charge of his works, and also the producer of the SAO animated series. Other works he involved in includes “Accel World”, “The Irregular at Magic High School”, and “Oreimo”. He also published his own book titled “If It’s Interesting Anything Goes: 600 Million Copies Printed—The Day in the Life of a Certain Editor.”

Update #3: Special exclusive artwork for the tour released!


In the collaboration of H.I.S. x World Cosplay Summit x Sword Art Online, the famous illustrators abec & Mel Kishida have joined hands to create this must-see artwork!

The concept of the artwork is Kirito as a pilot and Asuna as a bus assistant guiding the WCS original characters on their tour. Check out the official tour page to get a better look!

Special present: tour participants will receive a limited edition tour pass based on these illustrations! (※Details will be announced later)

Update #4: Surprise mini live concert by LiSA!

We’re VERY excited to announce that a surprise mini live concert by LiSA will be held after the Secret Talk Show!


LiSA – Singer

She made a solo debut in 2011. Her songs were used as theme songs for many different anime series such as “Angel Beats!” and “Fate/Zero”, and they all became top-ranking hits. For Sword Art Online, “crossing field”, “No More Time Machine” and “Shirushi” were used as opening and ending themes.

She has great support from many rock music fans as well as from anime fans, and has become a major figure in several anime and rock music festivals. Her sensational live performances have gained a huge popularity not only in Japan but also by oversea fans, making her active globally. She is one of the most attractive female artists in recent years.

She will be singing the theme song titled “Catch the Moment” for the upcoming movie “SWORD ART ONLINE – Ordinal Scale – “, and will attend the event to have a special mini live concert just for the tour participants!
We’ve received a comment video from her. Check it out!

Update #5: Special collaboration with Tokyo Joypolis!

It’s been revealed that SWORD ART ONLINE will be hijacking the indoor amusement park facility Tokyo Joypolis!

Tokyo Joypolis is located in Odaiba, famous for its life-sized Gundam statue! If you love Gundam, come see it before it gets taken down on March 5th, 2017!(So sad…)



Participants of the 3-day H.I.S. xSWORD ART ONLINEOfficial Japan Tour will have a chance to stop by Tokyo Joypolis and dive into the world of SAO!

(More details of the collaboration are to be announced later)

How can any SAO fan NOT join this tour and experience once-in-a-life-time events full of SAO?

And this is still only half of the information we can give at the moment!

Stay tuned for more updates of the tour!

Book your Sword Art Online Official Japan Tour through our Official Tour Website.
Please contact our H.I.S. international branches for more information.

For domestic foreign nationality customers, the tour booking is now available online at our H.I.S. Tourist Information Center branches.

See you next time!

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