Since the last time we went to the Hedgehog Cafe, this time I’d like to share you other kind of cafe called Ms.BUNNY.


ACCESS–1 minute walk from Roppongi station

Ms.BUNNY is a bunny cafe located just above the Hedgehog Cafe where we went last time .

Just a one minute walk from the Roppongi station.

They also have hedgehogs here in this cafe but the majority of the animals are rabbits.

Similar to the flow of the Hedgehog Cafe, the staff will come around and tell you all the details to be aware of when interacting with the animals. After the staff explained everything  then you can choose the bunny that you want to play with.


I found it very difficult to pick one because there are too many cute rabbits to choose! Actually I need them all!

This little guy was drinking like t that water like no tomorrow! I wondered if it would be OK for him to drink too much water. rabbits this much liquid but it did look very cute XD


Some of these guys are so energetic and bounced around their cage. The one I had was fidgeting so much on my lap that I almost dropped him lol



If you are lucky your rabbit might be very calm and friendly so he will only lay on your lap,not moving and let you fully enjoy your time with him. Some rabbits might take a rest in their cage,such a case you are not allowed to take them out and play.



Even though this one was moving around like crazy,trying to get a sniff and whiff of everything but I still managed to catch him!

You can try out both cafes too if you ever happen to stop by Roppongi since they’re so close together!

We felt like we actually went to both Hedgehog and Bunny Cafe!These little cuties were made our day!


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