Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Festival 2017

Izu Inatori is a birthplace of “Hina no Tsurushi Kazari” ! This  tradition of the Edo era, it used to be the replacement of Hina Dolls for common people.There are Peaches (longevity), Monkey (amulet), Triangle (medicine bags, incense bags) as a base, there are 50 kinds of work!

Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Festival

This festival will be held the Inatori Onsen specialty workshops of Hina no Turushi Kazari, please come by all means!

Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Festival has been started since Edo period (1603 – 1867). It is a Inatori accustom for wishing the good luck of their children and grandchildren. These doll are all made by hand which spell for blessing their girl to grow up in good health and strength. This tradition is passed from generation to generation and still be a part of Japan’s current generation.

Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Matsuri 
■ Period
20th January – 31st March, 2017
■ Workshops
Workshop will be held during the period in the downtown around.
Contacts ⇒ Inatori Onsen Tourism Joint Company
■ Address
1729 Inatori, Higashiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka
■ Access
Main Venue: Bunka-Koen Hina no Kan
15 minutes walk from Izu Ky?k? Line “Izu Inatori station”
You can enjoy this festival also!!
Kawazu Sakura Matsuri
Period: 10th of February – 10th of March

Cherry Blossom is telling us the beginning of Spring.

Cherry blossom will be lighted up at a night time.


[Lobby] Luxurious hotel lobby

[Viking] there are various kinds of seafoods and riches of the soil.

[Viking] there are various kinds of seafoods and riches of the soil.

[Open-air bath] Even at a night time, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

[Indoor pool] All-season enjoyable indoor hot spring pool. It bathed in natural light.

Hotel information

HOTEL KATARA RESORT&SPA 〒413-0302 992-1 Naramoto, Kamo-gun, Higashiizu-cho tell +81-557-23-2222

▼How to access to the hotel

  • [JR Pass Use] Tokyo Station → Atami Station takes about 50 minutes by Shinkansen → Izu-Atagawa Station takes about 60 minutes by Izu express line→  5 minutes walk to the Hotel
  • [Odoriko train Use] Tokyo Station → Izu-Atagawa Station takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes → 5 minutes walk to the Hotel *Free transfer service available from Izu-Atagawa station

▼How to access to the Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Matsuri from the hotel take Izu express line from Izu-Atagawa station → Izu-Inatori station takes about 7 minutes (2 stations)

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