FUJI-Q HIGHLAND: Fun for thrill seekers!!!

Are you fond of roller coasters?Here at Fuji-Q Highland we have some of the world’s finest high speed roller coasters at your disposal! Allow me the pleasure of taking you around~

First of all you need to grab a ticket! There is a  bus depart from Tokyo station to Fuji Q highland bus! If you are looking for a bus ticket to Fuji Q highland please click or bus ticket for the way back to Tokyo click

The first coaster I took up was the “Dodonpa”. I was unable to get a picture of this but this attraction is one hell of a kick-starter, accelerating to a velocity of 172km/hr in less than 2 seconds! I was very much not expecting and far from prepared for this sudden burst of speed and I left the ride with my heart pound into my throat and my head spinning from adrenaline overdose.

The next ride I tried is the world famous Takabisha with its Guinness record breaking 121 degrees drop, making it the steepest roller coaster on the planet. Though I was absolutely PETRIFIED while coming down the drop, I was even more traumatized by the slow, daunting ascent to the top point, especially as the coaster practically snail its way past the tipping point, before releasing itself to the pull of gravity.

Next up is a coaster called FUJIYAMA, known better as the KING OF COASTERS. With a height of 79 metres, a full 70 meter drop and reaching a maximum speed of 130km/hr, the FUJIYAMA provides a full 3 course meal of thrills and chills for its riders. On a clear weather’s day you will have a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji atop the coaster before dropping to your doom. The worse torture is sitting in your seat while waiting for the coaster takes its sweet time to make the climb of nearly 260 feet, which then abruptly cuts to fast forward at blinding speeds as it makes its plunge.

The last ride I went to, or should I say tried to go to, was ride with the weird, laissez-fare name of “Eejanaika”, which means something like “Ain’t it great” in a very chill, nonchalant way. You’re suppose to take your shoes off when you go on this thing as your feet will be dangling in midair all throughout the duration of the ride. Unfortunately, due to unideal weather conditions (as you can see in the picture below), I was unable to go on the ride despite having stood in line and waited for over an hour…life just isn’t fair sometimes…

As such, I decided to eat my disappointment away by having lunch. There are several cafeteria areas so it’s fairly easy to get your hands on some food when you’re hungry.

On that day the weather was not good and the rain continued its downpour as I went onto the Ferris wheel. In the slightly muffled picture below you can see FUJIYAMA on the right and the famous dropping point on the Takabisha.

There are also many children friendly attractions such as merry-go-rounds as well. The longest and most heart-attack evoking haunted house (or in this case mansion) in the world. No matter how old you are I’m sure that this would be a great place for all of you to enjoy your holiday !

If you want to spend your holiday at FUJI-Q HIGHLAND as I did, please check out the link below to buy a ticket in-advance( Fuji-Q Highland 1 Day Free Pass). Reservation >> hisgo

Blog by Asami

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