(Part 2) Tokyo Guide (1-3 Days) with Metro Subway Pass

Welcome Back!!

Let’s pick up where we left off from Part 1. I will introduce you to the rest of Tokyo and then give some tips for those who plan to visit for the first time.

Tokyo Guide with Metro Subway Pass

Blog : Tokyo Guide (1-3 Days) with Metro Subway Pass Part 1

If you are missed out from first part of our previous blog, check it out from the link above. We already covered other areas like Ueno, Asakusa, Tokyo Tower and Ginza. You might wonder where are places like Shinjuku and Shibuya. Don’t worry, I got you covered with this blog.

As mentioned before, I will divide Tokyo into 4-5 main areas. I already did Purple, Brown and Blue area, so I will continue with the Green one.

Tokyo Subway Map Link
  • Shopping Zone (Green)

These are Must-Visit places if you want to experience Modern Japan. Here, we can enjoy Shopping, Nice Japanese Bar & Restaurant and Nightlife. You will not see much of traditions and cultures but you will get to experience one of the most lively city of all.

  1. Shinjuku – Kabukicho – Shinjuku Station
    (Shinjuku Line)/
    Shinjuku-Sanchome Station (Marunouchi Line)
Shinjuku – Kabukicho

Main highlight of Tokyo’s Nightlife, one of the most crowed and lively districts in the world. Here, you can enjoy shopping at many Brand Name Items Store, Tax-Free and good Izakaya (Japanese Style Bar & Restaurant). In fact, it will be more excited at night as all shops and bars start to open. (Map)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – Tochomae Station (Oedo Line)

Tokyo Metropolitan©Yasufumi Nishi

One of the great view and free Observation Deck in Tokyo, the best part of it is that it is free!! There are 2 Observation Decks, located at the top of Tokyo Government Building. However, you have to be careful about time, only South Observation Deck is open until evening. You can check more detail from official website below. (Map)

Ofiicial Webstie (English)

2.Shibuya – Shibuya Station
(Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line, Ginza Line)

Scramble Crossing (Source: JNTO)

It is believed to be the World’s Biggest, Busiest Pedestrian Cross which approximately, 20 thousands people are crossing it everyday. Somehow, car driver need to be careful of people rather than the other way around. In addition, you will find latest fashion from Japan and overseas here. (Map)

“Hachiko” Dog Statue  

Blog : Hachiko

Have you heard about touching story about a dog which waited for its owner in front train station until its last breath. Click our blog above to know more about this royal dog of Shibuya!!  (Map)

Things to do in Shibuya

Blog : Walk the streets of Shibuya as a Samurai!

3. Harajuku – Meji Jungu Mae Station (Chiyoda Line, Fukutoshin Line)

JR Harajuku Station

The capital city of Teen Fashion in Tokyo, you will see so many types of fashion, from Trendy One, Fancy One up to the Crazy one. The difference from Shibuya area is that fashion around here is more towards high school teenagers. There are also Crepes, Candy Cane, Soft Cream and other Sweets & Snacks Shop. You can spend a whole day here because there are so many things to do. (Map)

Meiji Shrine  – Meji Jungu Mae Station (Chiyoda Line, Fukutoshin Line)

Although, it is located in the center of fashion district, Meiji Shrine is considered as one of the most important shrine of all Tokyo with the location surrounding by huge national park. You will find calm and rich nature among one of busiest districts of Tokyo. (Map)

Takeshita Street – Meji Jungu Mae Station (Chiyoda Line, Fukutoshin Line)

Takeshita Street © JNTO

This is the landmark of Harajaku where you will see all the crazy, unique and fun thing about Japan. There are plenty of cool clothing stores, sweets and snacks, 100 yen shops and more. You cannot say that you have been to Harajuku unless you visit this street. (Map)

Omotesando – Meji Jungu Mae Station (Chiyoda Line, Fukutoshin Line)

Omotesando© JNTO blog : Omotesando

This is another highlight of Harajuku. Similar to Takeshita Street, it is also famous for shopping as well but you will find more luxurious items and brand name stores. In fact, it is a good place to stroll or chill out at some nice cafes. (Map)

Fun things to do only at Harajuku-Omotesando
Owl Cafe / Bunny Cafe / Cat CafeSnake Cafe
Harajuku Idol Show / Ramen D.I.Y /  Hedgehog Cafe
Kawaii Monster Cafe / Lolita Cosplay /

Additional Sightseeing Spots

If it is still not enough for you, theses are my other recommendations that you can put into your list.

Ikebukuro – Ikebukuro Station (Fukutoshin Line, Yurakucho Line, Marunouchi Line)

Ikebukuro Resource: http://find-travel.jp/

If you want to shopping but hate being at the crowded area like Shinjuku or Shibuya, this place might suit your preference, Ikebukuro. It is located 2 stations away from Shinjuku on JR Yamanote Line and has plenty of stores and shopping streets. There is also big aquarium at Sunshine City . Here is the (Map)


Odaiba Rainbow Bridge©Yasufumi Nishi/©JNTO Blog : Odaiba

This is a man-made island which is located at Tokyo Bay. The island is so huge that you can find more than 3 department stores, park and a Statue of Liberty. That’s right, you read it correctly. At night, main bridge that take you to the main land will be lighted up with rainbow color light, that is why it is called Rainbow Bridge.  (Website)

**Tokyo Metro Pass is able to take you to Shiodome Station (Oedo Line), then you need to change to Skytrain (Yurikamome Line) which you have pay for additional ticket and stop at Daiba Station.

Tokyo Dome – Korakuen Station (Marunouchi Line/Namboku Line)

Tokyo Dome ©Y.Shimizu/©JNTO

Tokyo Dome is used to be a Landmark of Tokyo in the past. Now, even though it is overthrown by newly built location like Tokyo Skytree, You can find things to do like shopping or spending a day at theme park. (Website)

Guideline for traveling in Tokyo

I think lots of you are waiting for this part. I will base on my own experience and tell you how how to plan your trip to Tokyo within couple of days. If you follow the schedule well, you will be able to visit most of main spots by using Metro Subway Pass. This will save you a lot for transportation cost.

For those who want to know more about this Metro Subway Pass, click on our blog below to see more.

Blog : Metro Subway Pass

Schedule Recommendation for Sightseeing Spots

Morning: Tsukiji

Noon:  Asakusa/ TokyoSkytree/ Ueno/ Akihabara/ Imperial Palace/ Harajuku / Shibuya

Evening: Roppongi/ Tokyo Tower/ Tokyo Station/ Odaiba

Shopping: Shinjuku/ Shibuya/ Harajuku/ Ginza/ Ueno/ Odaiba/ Ikebukuro


Tokyo Map  (http://www.tokyometro.jp/en/tips/guide)

First Time in Tokyo

(1) (Morning) Tsukiji Fish Market –> (10 am.) Asakusa/TokyoSkytree –> (3 pm.) Akihabara
–>  (5 pm.) Tokyo Station/Imperial Palace –> (Evening) Odaiba

(2) (Morning) Harajuku  –> (3 pm.) Shibuya –> (5 pm.) Tokyo Tower –>(Evening) Roppongi (Recommended for Illumination Festival during Winter)

(3) Shopping Day (or Make-Up Day) Ueno/ Ginza/ Shinjuku/ Ikebukuro/ Harajuku-Shibuya

More on Sightseeing (Less Shopping)

(1) (7 am.) Tsukiji Fish Market –> (10 am.) Asakusa/TokyoSkytree –> (1 pm.) Ueno (Cherry Blossom) –>  (3 pm.) Akihabara –> (5 pm.) Tokyo Station/Imperial Palace –> (Evening) Shinjuku

(2) (10 am.) Harajuku  –> (1 pm.) Shibuya –> (3 pm.) Tokyo Tower –>(5 pm.) Roppongi (Recommended for Illumination Festival during Winter) or Odaiba

(3) Day Trip outside Tokyo or Make-Up day


This is a brief guide for those who plan to visit Tokyo for the first time and don’t know where to start. Of course, you can adjust your schedule as you like or if there is any place I forget to mention, please feel free to add in.

As for me, I think that we can sightseeing around most popular places within 2 or 3 days by using Metro Subway Pass (yes, you will have to walk a lot). After that, I really recommend you to visit places outside Tokyo, so that you can get to experience both traditional, local and modern Japan within a trip. You can see more details from our blog below.

Day Trip outside Tokyo

Kamakura Part 1  2  3
Yokohama 1 Day Trip
คาวาโกเอะ กลิ่นอายเมืองเก่าสมัยเอโดะ
“Little Edo” Kawagoe Part 1  2

Please visit us at TIC Harajuku when you arrive Tokyo! Map
or contact us via Email 
 tic-tokyo@his-world.com if you need any help or reservation.

That is it for today, I hope this blog will help you to know better about Tokyo.

See you next time.

Travel Blog in Tokyo

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2 thoughts on “(Part 2) Tokyo Guide (1-3 Days) with Metro Subway Pass

  1. Thanks for sharing such a thorough guide! I think travelling to Japan as a foreigner can be really daunting because it’s such a huge city, but I think guides like this will make Japan so much more tourist friendly!

    When I went to Japan for the first time, I know I was nervous when I first arrived, and I wish I had seen this guide before going! However, I did stumble upon a really nice company called Japango-they basically set you up with a Japanese local ‘friend-guide’ to show you some of the things most tourists would miss on their own. It’s nice because you don’t ever have to worry about getting lost because they’ll show you the way! The tour that I did was one to the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Everyone knows Japan is famous for sushi, but to be able to see the fish market in action and enjoy a taste of some of the best fish in all of Japan? INCREDIBLE! Not only that, they also helped us cook our own tempura using things we bought at the market! So fun! I recommend it to all my friends, so check it out if you’re interested. (their English site is japango-em2.com)


    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I will keep making travel guide so that everyone can enjoy Japan easily. Thanks for your information about japango-em. That sounds very interesting!!


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