“UTO” Cashmere & Knit Shop at Harajuku

For those who are looking for the luxury cashmere knitwear 100%, made in Japan, you should not miss this!

UTO “Made to Order” Cashmere (Harajuku Branch)

UTO Cashmere

“UTO”  is a world-class cashmere knitwear brand, made from best quality of Cashmere goat’s hair in Central Asia. It is collected during the spring when the goats naturally shed their winter hair. Then, it will be imported and and production will begin at Toyobo-shi, Iwate Prefecture around North East of Japan.

UTO Cashmere

UTO provides one of the best cashmere products in Japan by 50 years-experienced factory manager and delicate female workers in Iwate who treat cashmere with care for the best quality. More importantly, it has Made-To-Order service which means you will find cashmere with size, pattern and style that fits you best here.

UTO Cashmere


Most of knitting companies usually separate their manufacturing and retailing business. However, UTO deals with both! They have their own factory in Iwate prefecture and also a retail shop at Aoyama in Tokyo. Let’s check it out!


Address: 5-4-35 Tatsumura Aoyama, Minami Aoyama, Minato ku, Tokyo
〒107-0062 (Room no. 607)

Hours: 11:00 ー18:00 (MON ー FRI)
Tel: 03-3498-2230  Online Shopping Gateway

Please visit Harajuku Tourist Information Center (Map) to get special 30% Discount Coupon for any products at UTO!!


This is such a lovely shop, full with high quality of cashmere products such as Sweaters, Scarfs, Coadigans (Coat+Cardigan). They are not only soft , light but also very warm. If anyone has opportunity coming to Tokyo and looking for high quality  cashmere products, please don’t miss this brand!!

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