Prayer space opens to the public from today onwards at Tokyo Station!

Source : Halal Media Japan
Prayer space opens to the public from Tokyo onwards at Tokyo station

Credited to JR EAST

As we introduced the press-release on the prayer space at JR Tokyo station before, it is finally today when you can use there.


JR Tokyo station is a kind of hub for transportation as a huge number of bus, train, and Shinkansen are intensively distributed here, turning access into the best condition. Prayer room is located at JR EAST Travel Service Center in Tokyo station (Marunouchi North Exit), opening to the public.
(Make sure to get out of Marunouchi North Exit. There are some exits nearby)


Inside has a space for two people enough to pray at the same time. Water place for Wudhu is also equipped.

Credited to JR EAST
Credited to JR EAST
Credited to JR EAST

Please tell the staff there through the intercom to open the lock of the prayer room.

✔︎OPEN DATE: 5, June, 2017
✔︎AVAILABLE TIME: 8:30-19:00 (Sat, Sun, Holiday -17:00) * daily open
✔︎LOCATION: JR EAST Travel Service Center at Tokyo station (Marunouchi North Exit)

*This space is open to every religious prayer.

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