Capybara & Ferret Cafe in Harajuku

Hey guys!!

It’s been a while! Today, I have the latest update for cute animal lovers.

Capybara, Ferret and Meerkat have finally arrived in the brand new cafe of Harajuku!!

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Find your name in Japanese Kanji

Do you know? that most of us (tourists in Japan) also have names in Japanese letters or Kanji.

We’d like to introduce you guys to “Senjya Fuda” or Japanese wooden name tag. Let’s come and find out how your name is written in Kanji.

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JAPANESE HOMEWARE Tokyo Tower, sumo wrestlers, the Maneki-Neko (that waving cat you have probably seen at one time or another); all these and more iconic Japanese “Cool” things have been transformed into fashionable items! Don’t forget to pick up some traditional crafts as well, all of which exude artisanal quality. SOUVENIR Right next to the iconic Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk is the Seibu Shibuya Department Store, where “Art Meets Life.” Here, you will find a wide variety of the latest brands in fashion, food and function. With its healthy assortment of trendy items, you’ll be on the cutting edge of “Cool” … Continue reading BEST HIT ! IN JAPAN (recommended by SEIBU SHIBUYA)

The Cheapest way from Narita Airport to Tokyo: Shuttle Bus 1000 Yen

In the parallel universe…

you just stepped out off the immigration in Narita Airport and you realized you are more confused rather than feeling relieve to know that there are at least 5 possible ways to come to Tokyo.

In the reality….

you thank yourself that you already knew  very easy and cheap way to travel to Tokyo because you have read this blog BEFORE HAND!!!

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