Camellia Flower Festival & Cruise Trip

This year winter is quite more harsh than usual, especially in Tokyo.
I just cannot wait for Spring to start faster.

Why don’t we plan ourselves a nice spring break trip this year?
Some of you might be already familiar with Sakura or Cherry Blossom.

How about a nice Cruise trip to “Camellia Flower Festival”?
Quite odd combination, right? but doesn’t that sound interesting to you?

Cruise Trip to Camellia Flower Festival at Izu Oshima Island


Located 25 km. away towards South East of Izu Peninsula (Shizuoka Prefecture), “Izu Oshima” is largest in terms of size among “”Izu Seven Islands” with roughly 9000 inhabitants.

The island was created by the eruption of volcano long time ago. Nature has flourished over the land, full of gorgeous plants and unique animals.

It is known for garden of Camellia Flower and its annual festival which, surprisingly  not very well-known among typical foreigner tourists.

  Tsubaki Matsuri (椿祭り) – Camellia Flower Festival –

Held during the beginning of every year (January-March), locals will gather together to cerebrate the coming of Spring through dance. Combination of beauty from nature and traditions is a charm of this island, inviting many people from every corner in Japan to experience.

High Speed Jet Cruise

As mentioned earlier, the island is quite far away from Izu peninsula. However, transportation won’t be any obstacle for us. There is fancy hi speed cruise, traveling between mainland and island. It would take you roughly 20 mins to reach the island.

Mt. Mihara

Mt. Mihara

The most breathtaking scene of all lies at the center of the island. Mt. Mihara is among active volcanoes in Japan, created by volcanic eruption long time ago. Many people recommend to observe the scenery from far away. If you could get to the top, you might be able to see inside crater with water steam coming out.

On the top of Mt. Mihara

Fun fact, it has appeared in many Japanese pop cultures such as the place where Japanese government imprisoned Godzilla in the movie “The Return of Godzilla”.

Garden of Camellia Flower


The highlight of this island where you can enjoy walking around colorful garden full of Camellia Flower. There are more than 100 types of Camellia with different shapes and shades. Some are blooming, some have fallen on the field of grass, making you feel whlike all around you is in red color.



1 Day Cruise trip to Camellia Flower Festival

If you think Cherry Blossom is already too mainstream,  why don’t you visit Izu Oshima island!? you will be surprise that there are so many amazing places in Japan waiting for you to discover. (Yen)

(Jan 28 – Feb 16, Mar 19 – 25 )     7900 /Adult  5000 /Child
(Feb 17 – Mar 18)                           9900 /Adult  6000/Child

  • Depart from Tokyo
  • Visit Izu Oshima island by hi-speed cruise
  • Visit Oshima Garden
  • Visit Top of Mt. Mihara (Sea Food Lunch included)
  • Visit Camellia Flower Garden (more than 100 types)
  • Leave island by Cruise and finish tour at Tokyo

For more detail or further booking, feel to contact us via the box below



Harajuku Tourist Information (Website)
Open Everyday 10.00-18.00
Harajuku Station (JR) Takeshita Exit (1 min) Map>>>

We have prepared many other services for you to feel the most comfort and have unforgettable experience during your time in Japan. We are more than happy to welcome you.


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