Capybara & Ferret Cafe in Harajuku

Hey guys!!

It’s been a while! Today, I have the latest update for cute animal lovers.

Capybara, Ferret and Meerkat have finally arrived in the brand new cafe of Harajuku!!

New Animal Cafe in Takeshita Street (Harajuku)

Once again, there is another animal cafe opened in one of the most fashionable and lively towns in Tokyo, Harajuku. The cafe is located at the center of Takeshita street which is probably on your list if you plan to visit this neighbor.

The entrance of Takeshita Street, quite busy as usual

The easiest way to get there is going through main entrance of Takeshita street. Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote line), Takeshita Exit is the closest to our destination.

You can come to this area by Meji Jingu-Mae Station (Metro Subway) as well, although you have to walk around 5 mins to Takeshita street.

In front of the cafe

Once you reach the center of Takeshita street (5 mins from entrance), you will see 7-eleven on your left. Take the stair to the 3rd floor of the same building, we finally reach our destination. Sometimes, there will be a staff cafe holding pink sign and standing in front of the building.

Cafe Interior
Capybara area

Inside the cafe, everything is decorated in pink and cute theme, representing the image of Harajuku. Each type of animal will have its own area where you are free to play around with all of them.

Let’s meet the member of Harajuku Kawaii Zoo

This is the only place where you can play with capybara in Tokyo.
Aww! He is very cute even when he sleeps.
Someone is a sleepy head.
Our next star is…..a little Ferret!!
This one looks very fluffy.
Look! somebody is ready to play now!
Fennec Fox is here too!
I like how its huge ears make it look cute rather than sly.
Meerkat is in the house. Hope you figure out which one is real haha.
There are many other cute animals waiting to play with you here!

Wanna book?

Book now! (Link)

This cafe is very popular at the moment. So, it is better to have reservation before hand. You can book online and choose your preferred time to visit the cafe by the link above.

If you happen to be in Tokyo right now, why won’t you visit our tourist information center in Harajuku. Our staff  can take care of all difficult process and you can get free discount coupon at shops in Harajuku too.

Exclusively with Harajuku TIC & hisgo
40 Mins Plan + 1 Drink 1,500 Yen /Adult

**Normal Price 30 mins plan 1,500 yen
Harajuku Tourist Information (Website)

Open Everyday 10.00-18.00
Harajuku Station (JR) Takeshita Exit (1 min) Map>>>


See you in the next blog 🙂

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