Cherry Blossom Recommendation 2019 by SOYJOY

Yet another year goes by and spring is just around the corner, which means…

it’s almost time for the cherry blossom festivals! This blog will give you a guideline for trip to hanami (花見 / cherry blossom viewing).

Also, we’d like to introduce you to something that will make your cherry blossom season more special. Stick with us until the end!

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019

Sakura Forecast.jpg

This year’s weather is a bit strange, it is expected to get warm earlier than previous years. Despite their sweet and innocent appearance, cherry blossoms are quite stubborn and shy. We don’t know when exactly the full-bloom will be, but data from Japanese official organization is quite reliable most of the time. So, check the schedule below or the official website to see this year’s prediction of your destined city.

Tokyo      03/21
Nagoya   03/22~       Shizuoka (Mt. Fuji)    03/26~
Kyoto       03/24~       Kanazawa                         04/01~
Hiroshima   03/22~       Fukuoka           03/20~
Fukushima  04/03~      Hokkaido (Sapporo)   04/27~

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan and also known for its lovely cherry blossoms as well. Here is our recommendation for the best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.


1. Shinjuku Gyoen (Map)

Transportation: Shinjuku gyoen mae station (Metro) or Sendagaya station (JR)
15 minutes walks from the station.

Expected full-bloom: 04/02 (TUE)
Photography Worthy : ★★★☆☆
Garden opening hours : 09:00 ~ 16:30 (Last Entry 16:00)
Entrance fee : 200 yen / 50 yen / Free (Adult/Child/Infant)

2. Ueno Park (Map)

Transportation: Ueno station (Metro / JR)
5 minutes walks from the station.

Expected full-bloom: 03/31 (SUN)
Photography Worthy : ★★★☆☆
Opening hours : Anytime
Entrance fee : Free


3. Chidori ga fuchi (Behind Imperial Palace) (Map)

Transportation: Kudanshita station (Metro)
5 minutes walks from the station.

Expected full-bloom: 04/01 (MON)
Photography Worthy : ★★★★☆
Garden opening hours : Anytime (Light-up 18.00-22.00)
Garden entrance fee : Free

4. Naka-meguro River (Map)

Transportation: Naka-meguro station. (Metro)
5 minutes walks from the station.

Expected full-bloom: 03/31 (SUN)
Photography Worthy : ★★★★★ (Recommended during Nighttime)
Garden opening hours : Anytime
Garden entrance fee : Free

Going around Tokyo to see several cherry blossom spots within a day is quite a challenge. This year, let’s make your hanami trip more special, healthy and fun with SOYJOY Crispy, and its new & limited time only flavor “Sakura (桜)” – cherry blossom!

What is SOYJOY??

SOYJOY lineup (representative items)

You might have seen this brand on the shelf inside any convenient stores and supermarkets in Japan. SOYJOY is a healthy nutrition bar made from whole soybean flour with no gluten (gluten-free), and it comes in a great variety of flavors.

Not containing wheat as an ingredient, SOYJOY has been well-received and popular among those who want to control their diet or seek some protein-rich healthy snack on the go.

SOYJOY Crispy “Sakura” flavor

Products in Japan are always creative and up-to-date with some limited-time-only seasonal themes. This year, SOYJOY is introducing a brand new “SAKURA” flavor, which will just go perfectly with this coming spring time in Japan.


With the subtle fragrance of SAKURA – cherry blossom, you can enjoy the light and crunchy texture of puffed soy with the fruitiness from real cranberries. Grab your SOYJOY SAKURA at any convenient stores or supermarkets whenever you need some more energy or a quick light meal.

Soyjoy Ingredient1
Full of delicious dry fruits, nuts and crispy!!

Thanks to nutritious soybeans, it is rich in protein (5.8 g/bar) yet low in calories (117 kcal). You can track and control your calorie intake per day very easily.


Lastly, as a limited -time-only product, SOYJOY SAKURA will be available just this spring 2019. You can grab it at any regular convenience store in Japan such as 7-eleven, Lawson and Family Mart, or any drugstores including Matsumotokiyoshi, as well as many other locations!

SOYJOY SAKURA is going to be just perfect for your trip to hanami. Let’s taste the flavor of SAKURA – cherry blossom and charge up your energy for your trips in Japan!


If you are looking for a day trip to see cherry blossom…

We have a selection of bus tours that will take you to gorgeous spots outside of Tokyo where you can indulge cherry blossoms in unparalleled beauty. Don’t forget to bring SOYJOY SAKURA with you!!

Check out our links below.


Cherry Blossom at the symbol of Japan
at Kawaguchiko Lake & Mt.Fuji Click>>>


Early Cherry Blossom spots at Kawazu
from February to March (1) Click>>> (2) Click>>> 


Cherry Blossom from the window side of the train
at Watarase Valley Railway Click>>>


Pirate cruise and cherry blossom in Hakone Click>>>

Harajuku TIC

Tokyo Tourist Information Center

Open Everyday 10.00-18.00
Harajuku Station (JR) Takeshita Exit (1 min) Map>>>

See you in the next blog 🙂

Things to do around Harajuku


Otter Cafe / Owl Cafe / Capybara Cafe
Tokyo Metro Subway / Bus Tour Fuji 1 Day / Harajuku Kimono Rental


Book your tours and activities in Japan

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