Review: Helicopter Flights over Tokyo

(Photo Credit: Excel Air Service)

Hello everybody, I am back with a new article.

This time it is about the breathtaking helicopter rides over Tokyo.
Before I start talking about the experience itself one word in advance: some people of our group were a bit nervous in advance if everything is going to be okay.But once we were in the air, all doubts were blown away, and we were mesmerized from the scenery in front of our eyes.

But lets start from the beginning.Once we arrived at Maihama Station (the same you can use to get to Tokyo Disneyland and -sea), we went out the North Exit, where a free shuttle bus was waiting for us.It departs every 20 minutes.After about 5-10 minutes we arrived at the Urayasu Heliport, where we were greeted by formally dressed staff members, and taken to the check-in counter.

Following the registration we had a few minutes to relax at a very fancy looking lounge, facing the ocean. It also allowed a great view of Tokyo DisneySea.

All of this, the staff, the lounge, and the view, gave us a feeling as if we were VIP guests at an exclusive location.

Some of the other guests appeared to have booked an additional VIP package, as they had special food and champagne served.Don’t worry, even without champagne it was truly wonderful with just our normal complementary drinks.

Once the time had come, we were called by name, and guided to a different room, where we were could put our luggage in lockers, go through a security check, and were shown the safety instructions, just like when flying with a plane.It was also quite informative, since having no experience with helicopters we did for example not know that we should not approach the machine from the front or the rear.

Next, we were guided through a hangar to the helipad, and our cruise finally began.

The helicopter can take up to 8 passengers at a time, our group had only 7 passengers.The seats are not too wide, but since we were all normally build people it was no problem.

The crew checked our seat belts, checked the closed door, and off we went.

It was a bit funny for me, since all of our female group members without exception screamed when the helicopter lifted off, but after just two seconds changed to screams of “wow!”, and “amazing”.It is truly mesmerizing to see Tokyo from above.Especially the city lights at night…. it was just a dreamy scenery. Truly wonderful.I am trying to find the right words to explain the experience in more detail, but in the end it is hard to simply talk about it, everybody should get this experience for him-/herself.

Our route first took us over Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge to the Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Skytree, and back again.All together the cruise took us about 15 minutes.

I tried to take a few pictures, but unfortunately my camera is not the best.On a side note: it is only permitted to bring one phone or camera per person.Flash photography is not permitted, and all phones have to be switched into flight mode.

Our flight ended with another round over Tokyo Disneyland/-sea, and back we were.

After getting our luggage from the lockers we were guided back to the entrance, where the shuttle bus waited to take us back to Maihama Station.

If you are interested in getting this experience yourself, you can make a reservation here:

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