New Owl Cafe in Harajuku : Owl’s Garden

Hello there!

Do you know? there is new Owl Cafe opening in Harajuku. Today, I brought tons of pictures of owls that are too cute to handle. I am pretty sure you will fall in love with them.

Join me to the Owl’s Garden, new paradise of owl’s lovers.

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Real Escape Game : Mysterious Hunter X

Somehow, going to temple, shopping or trying cultural activities in Japan start to feel too mainstream for me. I wanna try something new, something exciting apart from going to the theme park.

Luckily, I found one in Asakusa. Only place that allows you to use your brain to hatch a plan and protect yourself from Killer Robots!! sounds cool, right?!!

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Special Price Round Trip Shinkansen with Hotel Package for Tokyo-Kyoto & more!

Are you planning to visit Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto within the same trip?

You might wonder Is it possible? Will it be too expensive? Which city choose I start first?
and lastly…the most annoying question of all “Do I need to buy JR PASS??”

Read this blog and you don’t have worry anymore!!

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Summer in Hokkaido

In this article I’ll be taking you through a little walk through the streets of the Noboribetsu area in Hokkaido. Noboribetsu is famously known for its hot springs and is the other Onsen hot spot of Japan along with Hakone.

The hot springs here originate from an explosion crater in the area called “Jigokudani”, which literally translates to Hell Valley, and was believed to have been plagued by Japanese demons. I’ll also be introducing some nice little photo spots in the area! Ready or not, here we go! Continue reading “Summer in Hokkaido”