“Little Edo” Kawagoe 1 Day Tour


A while ago, when the cherry trees were still blooming, I spent one of my holidays in Kawagoe–a small town in the Saitama Prefecture. Though being near Tokyo, Kawagoe–often known as “Little Edo”–is a nostalgic town completely different from the urbanized Tokyo city. It is a place less busy and boiterous, but more tranquil and relaxing. Continue reading “1 DAY IN “LITTLE EDO” KAWAGOE”


H.I.S. TIC closing announcement

Hi guys,I deeply regret to inform you that our H.I.S. Tourist Information Center offices all over Tokyo except Harajuku branch will be closing permanently by the end of March (31 March, 2017) after 2 years in operation.


From 1st of April, our branch in “Harajuku” will continue to operate as the only branch in Tokyo.

Continue reading “H.I.S. TIC closing announcement”

Yunishigawa Kamakura Festival: Illuminated snow

Yunishigawa Onsen Kamakura Festival

Yunishigawa Onsen is a hotspring town in Tochigi prefecture,well known as a History culture,an inheritance of a night view. Yunishigawa Kamakura Festival is held from late January to early March every year. At the main site “Heike-no-sato” ,you can enjoy barbecue meals in the snow house during the daytime(reservation required) and illuminations in the nighttime. Continue reading “Yunishigawa Kamakura Festival: Illuminated snow”

Wild life in Meiji jingu

For those of you who are traveling in Tokyo or are thinking about coming to the capital of Japan, you’ve probably either heard of, been to, or plan on going to the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Harajuku. Being one of the oldest of most renowned shrines in Tokyo.

The Meiji Jingu was built in (big surprise) the Meiji Era as a token of dedication and honour of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shōken for their tremendous contributions to the Meiji Restoration. Continue reading “Wild life in Meiji jingu”