Camellia Flower Festival & Cruise Trip

This year winter is quite more harsh than usual, especially in Tokyo.
I just cannot wait for Spring to start faster.

Why don’t we plan ourselves a nice spring break trip this year?
Some of you might be already familiar with Sakura or Cherry Blossom.

How about a nice Cruise trip to “Camellia Flower Festival”?
Quite odd combination, right? but doesn’t that sound interesting to you?

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“Little Edo” Kawagoe 1 Day Tour


A while ago, when the cherry trees were still blooming, I spent one of my holidays in Kawagoe–a small town in the Saitama Prefecture. Though being near Tokyo, Kawagoe–often known as “Little Edo”–is a nostalgic town completely different from the urbanized Tokyo city. It is a place less busy and boiterous, but more tranquil and relaxing. Continue reading “1 DAY IN “LITTLE EDO” KAWAGOE”

Visit the 5 Great Sakura Trees of Japan This Springtime!

Cherry blossom, or sakura (桜), is a national treasure in Japan. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Japanese people and tourists flock to cherry blossom viewing areas for hanami (花見) or flower viewing parties. This is not a new trend as flower viewing has been a pastime for many eras. Transport yourself to the hanami of the past by visiting Japan’s “Five Great Sakura Trees” – the “Nihon Godai Zakura (日本五大桜)”.

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