Review: Thermae Yu (Premium Onsen Spa in Shinjuku)

Hey guys! I’m back ><

Today I’ve come with the the review on my wonderful experience at Thermae Yu, the premium Onsen spa which located in the central Tokyo!

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Where to go around in Chubu Region ?

Have you ever heard or been to the Chubu Region?

According to unofficial statistics, the answer for that answer is probably ‘NO!’.
Yes, not many people know about the Chubu Region. But once you mention about places like Shirakawa-go and Takayama, I bet lots of people actually do know about it.

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Jigokudani (地獄谷): Snow Monkey Hot Spring (Nagano Trip Series)

Hey monkeys! What are you guys doing?

A very cute picture like this can only be taken at this place, “Wild Snow Monkey Park Jigokudani (地獄谷)” in Nagano Prefecture. Around 160 members of a Japanese monkey troop will come to this park everyday to find food.

However, the most unique of all is that they go into the hot spring like humans!! Not only Japanese people love hot spring but also monkeys as well!!

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